The Nail Files

The Nail Files

Wohoo! Another link-up and this one's about NAIL POLISH!

*throws glitter*

I freaking love nail polish. Always have. Always will. 

When OPI's Muppets collection was released last month, I freaking lost my mind. I basically got the entire collection for Christmas and it's the most overstimulated I've been in a while. There's just so many sparkles to choose from!

After humming and hawing I decided on this...


A combo of Divine Swine and Do You Lilac Me.

So sparkly....

I can't do my fingers until later today because, two weeks ago, I got a Shellac french manicure. After 14 days, there were only two chips. One on my pinky here and one on my right hand. 

It's kind of a bummer having to go back into the salon to get the Shellac removed, but almost two weeks with no chipping is pretty awesome!

I'm REALLY looking forward to coming home and doing another Muppets combo.

Will it be green sparkles? Blue? A rainbow? There's just so many to choo, choo, choose from!


Thanks for the great linkup, Tara and Vicki!