Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Dijon

I think it's safe to say that I've fallen in love with my slow cooker. Being able to throw a bunch of stuff into one big pot, leave it for 4 hours and then eat a delicious meal is....well...kind of like a miracle. It was freaking FREEZING out yesterday so I figured a hot meal would be great at the end of the day. I went back to my Company's Coming cookbook and found a recipe for Creamy Chicken Dijon.

Here's what you'll need:

1.5 cups - chopped onion
Can of sliced mushrooms (I didn't add this because I suffer from an psychological allergy to mushrooms, as in, they're gross)
Can of condensed cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup - water
1/4 cup - dijon mustard
1/4 tsp - dried crushed chilies
2 to 4 - chicken breasts
Can of evaporated milk
Bag of frozen cut broccoli (I used fresh)

Step 1: Put everything up to the chicken in the ingredient list in the slow cooker and stir.

Step 2: Add the chicken and stir again, coating the chicken entirely. Set the timer on high for 4 hours and go read a book or something.

Step 3: After the 4 hour cook time, add the condensed milk and broccoli. Stir and re-cover, on high, for 20 minutes. While this was happening, I made garlic butter rice. The timing worked out perfectly.

Step 4: EAT!

We didn't like this quite as much as the Beer and Bacon Chicken but it was still delicious and a sneaky way to eat a lot of broccoli without feeling like you're eating a lot of broccoli. Yes, I may be thirty but I still have to trick myself into eating my veggies. Surprisingly, this meal is 10 points on Weight Watchers, including the rice! For being a creamy recipe, that's pretty good so this will make its way into our dinner rotation.

Three cheers for slow cookers!!


  1. OMGAWSH YUM! looks sooo good. will have to try this. i love cooking my crockpot. :)


  2. This might sound stupid, but do you need to cook the chicken before you put it in the crock? Some recipes like those using ground beef/turkey call to cook the meat first and others like pulled pork goes in raw. Why?

  3. It really was delicious!

    The Blind Bride - I've tried thawed and frozen chicken and both worked out fine! I've heard that some people never use frozen but I didn't have any problems. I'm not sure about cooking the meat beforehand, though, because I haven't seen a recipe like that before. If that's what it says to do, I say, "do it!" Happy slow-cooking!

  4. I love crockpot recipes as well (I made one today.) This one looks great! I am going to try this. And this may be a dumb question but where do you get the dried chilis?


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