Stood Up but Still Standing (albeit slightly hatefully)

For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I got stood up. Strange, you may think, mostly because I'm married but I'm not talking about getting stood up on a date.

A few weeks ago, Heather and Katie decided to host a book swap. Being an avid reader, I was psyched! I just adore linking up for Book Club Fridays so I signed up.

Things were going well at first. My partner and I exchanged a few emails. Granted, I might have come off a bit strong with my EXTREME LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT but she didn't seem to mind. Our exchanges were brief but informative. 

But then she wrote:

"I'm going to be really busy these next few weeks."


Now, we'd decided to exchange ebooks so I didn't quite understand how that would contradict her busy schedule but I let it ride. I mean, how long does it take to gift someone a book? Surely she could carve out the three minutes at some point. Little did I know the level of foreshadowing in her small statement.

Moving on.

She said that she read a lot so I suggested that we make a list of potential titles for each other because it would suck if we gave each other a book we'd already read. A good idea, too, considering she'd already read my first suggestion. In fact, she even complimented me on "nailing" her tastes. 

She said that she'd think about options for me over the weekend and then write back.

A week went by and nothing happened.

The "reminder email" was sent out...and still nothing.

So, I sent another email and....

you guessed it...


And now it's the day that we're supposed to share what our partners gave us and I have nothing to share!



So even though my partner totally flaked out on me, I decided to share the book that I'd settled on getting her. That way, if there's a linkup again maybe someone will actually want to swap books with me. 

I pick good books, people. I really do!

Just look!


Getting Dumped

Description from Amazon (you know, because I haven't read it)

Getting Dumped is an "Active Fiction" title, a new type of e-book from Coliloquy. In this Active Fiction series, your input influences future books from this author. Specifically, in Getting Dumped, your choices influence what happens to JJ Shultz. Losing a cushy marketing job only to end up driving heavy equipment at the landfill would be a tough blow for most women, but JJ Schultz isn't most women. JJ gamely swaps office politics for a chance to crush garbage. The drama kicks into high gear when JJ and her sister, Lori, uncover a counterfeit handbag ring. JJ soon finds herself unraveling a sinister plot in the company of a tie-tugging accountant, a straight-to-video action hero/secretary, a suspicious but sneaky-hot engineer, and a host of other characters with questionable hygiene and morals. The author still isn't sure who JJ should end up with, so she's eager to see who her readers prefer. She sees the aggregate statistics on who gets picked the most, so the more you read, the more you influence what she writes. Please note: Getting Dumped contains content that may be inappropriate for children.

So, I ask you - how good of a partner would I have been?! This is cutting edge women's fiction, people. CUTTING EDGE! Plus, there's adult content, which means it's steamy! STEAMY CUTTING EDGE FICTION! Not only is Tawna Fenske freaking hysterical but now she's literally bringing you INSIDE the story! 

Ah. Mazing.

So that's my story about how I didn't get to give this amazing book to my partner and how I didn't get squat from her.

Now I'm sorry but you must excuse me. I have to go nurse my wounded ego.


  1. That's a bummer :( I'm sure your swap partner must have something utterly crazy going on to not be able to swap. That book looks so fun!! I went and put it on my wish list, thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Awwww, totally sucks you got stood up! Man, that is the pits! ((hugs))

  3. Awwww, Jennie!!! I wish you would have told me! :(

  4. i hate it when i get so excited for something and it totally bombs and it it sooo not my fault!
    hope you can be fixed up with a new partner

  5. That sucks! I am always hesitant to do swaps because I have had partners flake on me in the past too :(

  6. OMG HI Larious!! I am laughing out loud right now! Love love LOVE your blog! So sad that you are far away!!

  7. Aw :( That sucks!

    The book sounds like a keeper for sure though!


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