Things That Make Me Go: MMMmmmmm

Oh France, how I miss you.

Or, more specifically, how I miss your fresh pastries.

Croissants and pain chocolat, to be exact.

When we lived in downtown Toronto, there was a little bakery that'd occasionally bake a few batches of pain chocolat but it wasn't quite the same. They were too big, which doesn't really sound like a bad thing, but still, they weren't the same.

And don't even get me started on the croissants from Tim Hortons. 
The probability of of me getting a good one from them is about zero.

So, when I left France, I took this mug with me. To remind me of how flaky pastry is supposed to taste.

But things are different now.

Oh, so different.

When I was wandering around good ole Costco a couple of months ago, I saw this box:

Now, I wasn't totally convinced. I mean, these were frozen pastries. There was no way that they'd be as good as fresh dough. On the other hand, the box said that they were "A taste of French tradition." I hummed and hawed but since we didn't have much room in our freezer anyway, I put them back.

When I was shopping for Christmas supplies a couple of weeks ago, I came across them again and thought:

Hey, maybe I could give these a try for my birthday breakfast!

So, I picked them up.

On December 23rd, this is what happened.

They made the house smell utterly fantastic and the best part is that they were DELICIOUS! Delicious and tiny. About three bites a piece. Just how I remembered them! And they left a pile of flakes right on my boobs (also, just how I remember it being).

So, thank you, Costco for killing it. Now I can have a cup of tea out of my pain chocolat mug while eating a fairly authentic pain chocolat. 

Just writing this post makes me want to preheat the oven.

Oh who am I kidding, they're already baking.

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