What Christmas Looked Like At Our House

A little late, but better late than never, right?

I was looking at the pictures I took over Christmas and couldn't help but laugh at the majority some. I freaking love my family. They're hilarious. As such, I thought I'd pass on the hilarity...

Okay, this one isn't funny but is the BEST turkey we've EVER had. Props to my Mum for making it happen.

Okay, back to the funny-ness:

My baby brother got me these amazing glasses for my birthday. They were the hit of the holidays and it's been decided that "lurker" pictures are made about 1,000% more awesome if the lurker's wearing glasses with an attached moustache. Case in point: my Mum with The Pickle.

My Stepdad, the lurker extraordinaire.

Then Santa brought The Hubby and Baby Bro (respectively) tattoo sleeves and hats that say: Merry Christmas, Eh? 

And yet ANOTHER pair of glasses for my Mum that she adores. 

One night, after a few towering tequila sunrises...

This happened. Also, a few of those balloons were totally may have been inhaled.

And after all of the excitement, there really wasn't much else to do but nap. It was a great weekend.

Oh, and guess what spoiled lady got the majority of the MUPPETS collection? 

 It's me ME!!!

*jumps and points at face*

Only 51 weeks till we get to do it all again!!


  1. As you can see, Jennie and Marc, and Grandpuppies, The Pickle and Pepi, hosted a fabulous family Christmas. Jennie baked up a storm and we did our best to eat them out of house and home. THANK YOU! Love and hugs, Mum XXOO

  2. I mean are you kidding, the two Ryans. HOTTEST MEN IN H-WOOD!! salivating.
    blake lively and reynolds are probably the most attractive couple- EVER!


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