Hope I Get Shot By An Arrow Today

Well, even if you don't (it's cool), I'm going to tell you anyway because TODAY is February 20! If you're a new follower, perhaps you've clicked on the About Me tab just over there, to the right. If not, then let me sum it up for you: For the last two years, I've been writing novels and submitting them to agents in hopes of becoming a published author. So far, I'm still un-agented. Le boo.

Okay, so now that everyone's all caught up...

Two weeks ago, I was wasting time on Twitter when I noticed an announcement for a Blind Agent Speed Dating Contest. Considering I think that most activities become significantly more fun with a blindfold, I was intrigued. 

There's a blog called cupidslitconnections, which is run by Cupid, and his/her aim (ha) is to "bring writers and agents together to form magical literary connections." Awesome. The Blind Agent Speed Dating Contest required entrants to send in their query letter (letters of submission to agents) and the first 250 words of their manuscript. Only 100 entries were accepted over two days. It was first come, first served. 

And I got in!

Then there were two weeks where the queries/250 words were judged by "bouncers." In order to make it to the actual speed dating round, you needed to get a bouncer to "let you in."

And I got in!

So now I'm in the final round and I feel like this is going to be the longest week of my life. The agents have been assigned code names so nobody knows who they are - not even each other. Agents receive four "arrows" today and then two more on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A request for a "partial" (usually the first five chapters of a manuscript) costs an agent one arrow. A request for a "full" costs an agent three arrows. There can only be two partial requests per entry and each day, the price for requests goes up. And let me tell you, although the agents have code names, we know who is participating and there are some serious biz agents in there. Serious biz!

Here's why this contest is freaking so fantastic. Often, you wait anywhere from a week to a few months to hear back from an agent after querying them. A fellow author made this YouTube video which I feel accurately represents what the querying process is like:

You can follow her on Twitter, if you like: 

Here, though, I'll know by Friday if any of the 12 agents are interested in reading my work! It's amazing! AND, when you get "shot" by an agent, you don't know who they are until Friday when the code names are revealed! Fun and nerve-wracking...that's a fun combo, right?

Rounds run from noon to midnight from now until Thursday. How I'm going to be able to tear myself away from the internet will be a wonder. Oh who am I kidding, I'm obviously going to get carpal tunnel. And as if that isn't enough, there's a hashtag on Twitter when the agents can trash-talk each other about which queries they want!

Although nobody's allowed to comment on entires except agents, here's a link to mine. Hopefully by Friday there'll be a few arrows in there! 

(And I woke up this morning to read an email from another awesome contest that I won! I get a book about writing AND a query critique from Linda Epstein! Hopefully this is the start of a FANTASTIC week!)

*crosses fingers*




  1. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping you get riddled with arrows this week! (And I mean that in the best possible way :D )

  2. "which is run by Cupid, and his/her aim ".. i see what you did there! ahah.

    best of luck with all of us. I have a dream of someday being published and I hope you are so so so close to having your dream come true! im rooting for you.

  3. Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! Congrats girl! Can't wait to hear the outcome.

  4. Sweet! Best of luck my dear! *Crossing my cyber fingers for you*

  5. I thought it would have something to do with writing!!! I can tell by reading your blog how good you are! Hope it all goes (went) well!


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