The Nail Files: V

Yay for The Nail Files!

The Nail Files

After last week's frustration, I decided to keep it simple this time.

Gone Gonzo - Muppets Collection, Swimsuit...Nailed It - Miss Universe Collection, Top Coat Hardener - Beauty Secrets.  

Just doing the tips, it's kind of hard to see because Swimsuit...Nailed It has a lot of glitter itself. Getting some of the larger silver sparkles from Gone Gonzo was a little tricky and it took a while for them to dry. When the light hits the tips dead on, though, it's simply gorge (as you can tell..haha)! A little more subtle than I usually rock but it's good to switch it up now and again.

Can't wait to see what everyone else did this week!

Thanks for hosting, Tara and Vicki!


  1. Very nice! I never thought about sparkying up the tips like that. Good thinking.

  2. LOVE those nails. I gotta say I am attracted to anything sparkly!

  3. I seriously love this idea about painting just the tips with glitter! Great job.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog name hehe

    Gorgeous blue - I love the Muppets collection!

  5. Love those colors, they look great together! I use that top coat too! :)

  6. I totally approve of the glitter!!! Following you back =)

  7. too pretty! i love that blue!

  8. I also did glitter tips last week! I didn't really use a technique though so it wasn't great. Not like yours :)

  9. Stumbled upon your great blog and just wanted to leave a comment to invite you to visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY! Hope to see you soon =)
    Just Tututiny

  10. Definitely the cutest nails I've ever seen. Have to pin these to share with my friends :)


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