The Nail Files: VI

Thank goodness it's Friday. This has been a looooooooooong week. A good week but I'm ready for a little break.

That means it's time to link up with The Nail Files!

The Nail Files

Here's what I used this week:

It's So Easy Rite Stripe in Silver Glitter & OPI's Step Right Up.

This was my first time trying to do something funky myself. I went to my local beauty supply outlet and they recommended the sparkle stripe. I was too nervous to do stripes right off the bat so I decided on polka dots. It was a little tricky because the brush is very long and bendy (you know, because it's actually meant for stripes, haha) but I got the hang of it by the time I got to my left hand.

I did two coats of Step Right Up and then dotted the silver glitter, finishing with a clear topcoat. It's soft and pretty and makes me want to wear a tiara and wave a magic wand, just like Glinda, The Good Witch of The North from The Wizard of Oz.  The Remix will love rolling through Costco with me dressed like that (not really). 

I'm excited to see what everyone else did this week!

Thanks Tara and Vicki!