Pepi: The Dog Who Thinks He's A Cat

It's been a while since I've done a post about our puppies.  Last week, my Mum came out for a visit. She loves her grandpuppies and her grandpuppies love her. They spent a long time, cuddling on the couch and then my Mum recorded one of the stranger things one of our dogs does. I've been meaning to video it for years, but it just never happened....


When we adopted Pepi, our youngest furbaby, from a local animal shelter after a puppy mill raid, they told us that he was a Pekinese.

We took him to our vet and she was like, "Pekinese? Not even almost."

After some investigation, it was decided that he was most likely a Japanese Chin mixed with something else. The deciding factor was that Pepi had some unusual habits: perching on the sides of chairs, chasing flies, petting bugs, eating feathers...all things that were more cat-like than dog-like. Our other puppy, Pickle, wasn't impressed that we brought home such a strange guy. Not one bit.

And then Pepi blew us all away when he started doing this:

He literally cleans himself for hours. Then coughs up hairballs. For reals. 

Love that my Mum was able to get such a good recording of it (and then make an iMovie - amazing). People really don't believe us when we tell them but now there's proof!

Oh Pepi, you're just such a weirdo. Good thing you're so cute!


  1. Aw- he's too cute! Maybe it's just a habit he picked up being caged all the time in a puppy mill - he just wanted to be clean! I wish our dogs were self cleaning!

  2. Hahaha! I love it! My in-laws' dog grooms his paws forever!

  3. Is this not normal?? I only have cats so it looks pretty normal to me :)


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