Rollin' Like It's 2008

As if I wasn't having an exciting enough week already (teaser: that news shall be shared on Feb 20)...

Yesterday, we got our new (to us) car!

And it's a MINI!!!


Back in the day, I had a Mini and I freaking loved it. Sure, there were minor electrical problems with the first generation models - I used to joke that my car was haunted because the clock would reset and sometimes the wipers had a mind of their own. But that didn't matter. I loved her. When we moved out of Toronto, though, she wasn't feeling it. She just wasn't made for gravel roads and steep icy hills and sometimes, she froze. Like, literally. 

In January of this year, The Remix got a great new job but it involves a little bit of a commute and since we live in moose country, it made sense for him to take the SUV and for me to get a little something for getting around town. So, off to the car dealership we went....

Turns out, any car that's not a POS is kind of expensive.


But then, my F-I-L did an AMAZING thing for us by giving us car that we could trade in!


And as if the cuteness wasn't enough, there are SIGNIFICANTLY more features than the one I had originally. There are heated seats in there, people. HEATED SEATS! As you can tell by the snow, this is amazing. It also has cruise control and steering wheel controls.

The Remix could barely contain himself.

We took it for a drive last night and it felt like we'd gone back in time to when we first started living together. It was awesome. 


I have a doctor's appointment this morning and I've never been more excited to go. I'll be able to park anywhere! ANYWHERE!!