Book Club Friday: Kissed in Paris

Wohoo! It's Friday! Time for Book Club!

Not quite a double-feature, but this week, I read Juliette Sobanet's follow-up to Sleeping With Paris, titled Kissed in Paris

Kissed in Paris

Mild Spoiler Alert: it was FANTASTIC!

Like, I-want-to-make-some-toast-because-I'm-starving-but-can't-because-my-hand-just-won't-put-the-book-down, kind of fantastic.

Chloe Turner is having a rough day. She's set to be married in a week, her crazy family's flying in and her fiancé isn't super jazzed about Chloe having to fly to Paris for a work conference only days before everything's set to go down. So when Chloe wakes up in her hotel room with no purse, no passport, no engagement ring and vague memories of a sexy Frenchman named Claude, it's safe to say that she freaks the eff out. Add that to being wanted by the police and being rescued by an even sexier Frenchman named Julien and...well...let's just say that you're in for quite the ride so you had better put on your seatbelt. 

And speaking of rides, Kissed in Paris takes you all around France. Yes, there are scenes in Paris but Chloe and Julien also go up to the Alps and to the countryside around Lyon. Just as with Ms. Sobanet's debut novel, the scenic descriptions are bananas. And speaking of bananas, Ms. Sobanet's descriptions of French pastries and wine will leave hints of lavender and butter on the tip of your tongue. 

I will admit that the pace of the first 60 pages is intense, and somewhat choppy with its format (emails back and forth to give backstory). I was worried that the whole book would be the same, but after the stage was set, so to speak, it slowed down just enough for me to keep up. The mystery is awesome, not predictable in the slightest, and Ms. Sobanet threw in a few sneak-attacks of sentimentality to round it all out. Plus, it's funny!

So funny!

From Chapter 7:

"He gave me one last serious nod before heading back down the crowded cobblestone street and leaving me alone at what would've been the most charming café I'd ever been to, had it not been for the fact that I was sitting there alone in a tight red dress baring my skin to every sleazy French guy who happened to saunter past. Not to mention the fact that we were hunting down an evil conman to find my passport."

There are more than enough twists to keep you wondering what's going to happen next and Chloe is a lovably-real character who I cheered for, the whole time.  If you haven't read either of Juliette Sobanet's books, I'd HIGHLY recommend picking one up. This one, to be specific. 

Pick up THIS ONE, first. 

The bummer is that Kissed in Paris is only available as an ebook. That means that I can't pass it around to my friends because...well...I'd have to give them my Kobo, too. So, if you have an ereader, download this right now. If you don't, steal one from someone you know and then download it. It's cool. Just give your pal a cookie or something. Everyone likes cookies. Then curl up with a glass of wine and enjoy this super fun book about a girl who had to lose everything in order to find herself. 

** Err, and I guess I should mention that Juliette Sobanet generously gave me a copy of Kissed In Paris. The reason wasn't for a review, though, it was because I enjoyed the first. In positively no way did the free-ness of this book affect my review. You know me better than that, right? **


  1. cool! sounds good! i spent last summer in Europe, and 4 days in Paris so I'd love to read a book that takes me back!

  2. Boo about just an ebook. What is this world coming to!! :) I wonder if it will ever be released as a "real" book. It sounds great! Either that or I will just have to cave and get an ereader.

  3. So you recommend reading this one before Sleeping in Paris?

  4. Heather - They're not related to each other (although there is a small cute shout-out), so you could read Sleeping With Paris first but I seriously couldn't put this one down. All of the imagery and things I liked about Sleeping were in Kissed and the added mystery just put everything over the top! :)

  5. Kissed in Paris sounds so good! I'm gonna have to read it.

  6. another for my list!! sounds like a perfect read on a quiet afternoon :)

    happy weekend!

  7. Ahhh fabulous!!!! I've been hunting down my next read and this just might be it! <3 Thanks darling! Found you via the book club party! =)



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