Help Out a Super-Fan, Will Ya?

Remember the time I had the chance to win signed copies of books from one of my favourite new authors? 

I do!

Because it's happening RIGHT NOW!


The author I'm talking about is Tawna Fenske and she writes seriously funny romantic comedy. Check out my review of her debut novel, Making Waves, which was probably one of the funniest books I've ever read. For reals.

So when I saw a post on her blog about a caption contest, with the prizes including a signed copy of each of her novels (and a bunch of bookmarks), I just had to throw my hat in. When I woke up this morning, I saw that I made it into the voting round!



Here's my entry:

For whatever reason, I can't get this centered. Sorry. 

So, now I need your help! 

*slides over virtual {insert favourite flavour} cupcake with extra icing and sprinkles*

Please click here to vote for me in the comments section! There are four other entires, so there's quite a bit of competition and I reallyreallyreallyreally want to win!

*smiles expectantly while rocking ever-so-slightly*

And AFTER you vote for me in the comments section, head on over to Amazon or your local bookstore to pick up one of Ms. Fenske's books! 


But only after you vote for me. 

 (Even if you like another caption better than mine. Not that you will. I mean, obviously mine's the best. Haha!)

The contest closes at 5pm PST on Thursday, March 29, so please head on over RIGHT NOW before then.

Thank you!!!

**UPDATE: I have to say that I'm SERIOUSLY touched with all of the votes I've gotten so far. It makes my heart feel good. Thank you to everyone!! There's still two days left, though, so please don't be annoyed as I continually reference this contest until then (make sure to tell your friends, too!). And obviously, I don't mean that you've literally touched me as that would be inappropriate (although perfectly fitting for this contest). **


  1. I just went over and voted for you! So funny! I hope that you win. ;0

  2. This is why I didnt vote! I am just now reading this. Sooo behind. Glad you won though!!


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