The Nail Files: VIII

The Nail Files

Last week, my Mum came to visit for a few days. She spoils me like crazy so, naturally, she treated me to a pedicure. 

Now, it wasn't just any old pedicure. Nope. My Mum took us to the place with the CRAZY CHAIRS!

Crazy chairs, you ask? Oh yes. 

Just take a look! 


When you sit in the chair, it leans all the way back! At first, it's like, WHOA, but then it gets really comfy. They also offer you a blanket. Apparently some people fall asleep. Not a huge surprise there.

The aesthetician said that they love the chairs because they don't have to crouch. I see her point, there. Who the heck would want to sit on the floor all day staring at people's feet? Haha!

And this is the colour I chose. From OPI's new Holland Collection. It's called I Don't Give a Rotterdam! and I took this picture a week and a half after getting them done. The holdup was remarkable!

Err...and then I added some pizazz this morning. You know how I like it....

Thanks for the linkup, Tara and Vicki!


  1. love what you did with the grey :) cute!

  2. Those chairs are amazing! Love the "pizazz". Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I didn't get anything from OPI's Holland collection! :(

    I am loving the grey! I might have to hunt that one down on eBay!

  4. fancy toes! looks so cute! :)

  5. Ohhh love the diagonal glitter!! That's gorgeous :)

  6. Ooh a pedicure! hehe Nice nail art ;)


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