Say My (Computer Generated) Name, Say My (Computer Generated) Name...

There are two name generators I've played with recently and they gave me the funniest suggestions that I just HAD to share.

The first name generator site helps you "find your own pen name"

Mine is:

Spicy Pepper

*dies of amazingness overload*

There is a 40 - 60% chance I may actually use this. I mean, come on! SPICY PEPPER? That's gold!

And have you seen this link for your Hunger Games name?




And you know what made me even MORE excited?

When the name generator told me my Hunger Games name was:

Labia Biggentall

*collapses into fit of laughter*

How inappropriate is that?! Also, I should note that I died in the 62nd games of starvation. The REAL question, though, is: would Labia Biggentall really die of starvation? Really? Nobody would give Labia Biggentall a little snack?


So what are YOUR names?


TriGirl said...

THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!! Well, Spicy/Labia (ooh, that's a whole new name unto itself), my pen name is: Our Lady Bonbon. No bad.

My Hunger Games name is boring but my story is worse! Basil Amberson. District 8 tribute in the 33rd hunger games. I was so annoying the tributes killed me off right away.

TriGirl said...

Alright I'm back. I cheated and generated a new name: Stevia Hornblast (aaOOOOgahh!) I was District 5 tribute in the 5th games and died falling out of a tree onto a landmine. Your name though, is unbeatable!

Samantha said...


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *spins around in computer chair*

I'm ecstatic. I can barely contain my excitement.

Katie said...

LOL - My Hunger Games name was Nibble Rabbledod. I was a District 12 tribute in the 26th games, and died falling out of a tree onto a smaller, pointy tree. This cracked me up! Thanks for sharing!

silvergirl said...

well say hello to Cindy Capleton
but as a Hunger Game participant I am known as Fancy Frustlock! ( I kinda dig that name)

Kristen said...

Pen Name? Our Lady Bonbon......Hmmmm I seem to have a cyber Doppelganger!! My Hunger Name is Skeeter Goldendod. I was killed in the 30th Hunger Games by seizure. Come on, seizure?? Really?!? What a lame way to go!! I've got to say though, Labia, Great post!! Freaking Hilarious!!!

Wiz said...

Hahaha! I just did my Hunger Games name and its not much better! I am Fulvia Crabapple and I am from the 2nd district. I died by jumping over a landmine and landing in a pit of snakes. Thanks for the laugh!