The Nail Files: Luxe and Lush-ious Jaques

The Nail Files

So I had a pretty crazy week. And not a good kind of crazy. However, on Tuesday, I got a wonderful surprise. 

I wandered into my local beauty supply outlet because I got an email about a sale. After checking  China Glaze's display for Luxe and Lush to see if it was still sold out (it was - it's literally been sold out since being released) I let out a big sigh and cursed the world (not really...well, maybe the sigh). 

Then, the woman who works at the store saw me and said: "Hey! Wait right there!" And she went into the back.

Not really sure what was going on, I waited. A minute or so later, she came back.

And what did she bring with her???

A bottle of Luxe and Lush!!! 

She said that she was at another outlet (one where you need to be an aesthetician to get in) and saw a bottle, so she BOUGHT IT FOR ME!!

How freaking amazing is she?

I swear, I had to stop myself from hugging her. She did seem to appreciate my squeal, though.

So, although I had a shitty week, at least my nails looked amazing!

 China Glaze's Luxe and Lush (eeeee!!!) OPI's Step Right Up & You Don't Know Jaques.

Two coats of Step Right Up & You Don't Know Jaques (on accent finger) and then one coat of Luxe and Lush (eeeee!!!). The funny part is just how different Luxe and Lush (eeeee!!) looks on the brown, versus the pink. Like I needed another reason to obsess over how awesome the sparkles are...haha!! (Also, please excuse my dry-ass hands. I forgot to put on moisturizer before taking the picture).

Thanks again to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. Ohhh...that polish is amazing! I need to get my hands on a bottle of that! Your nails look fab!

    Happy Friday :)

  2. Eeeee!!!!! That is so awesome!!!

  3. Very pretty! I have those colors, I might try out this combo. I'm wearing Harvest Moon today :)

  4. I blogged about Luxe & Lush too!! I managed to snag the last bottle at my Sally's. Love it!!

  5. that's so pretty! i might have to copy this soon! You Don't Know Jaques is one of my favorite colors eva!!

  6. I have Luxe and Lush and adore it. It looks fabulous over Step Right Up. I'm going to have to keep that in mind, to do a pale pink mani with L and L over it. Gorgeous nails!

  7. i love the look of one nail a different color and a glitter top coat

  8. haha I can see why you were excited - gorgeous colors!!

  9. It looks great! And yes how AWESOME of her! (eeee!)

  10. love the contrast of light and dark and the sparkle, well -how could one resist that?

  11. Very cool! Don't you just love those little surprises!


  12. Love this combo.. I love that brown color.. have your tried in the suede finish?

  13. I love Luxe & Lush - it's probably my favorite sparkle of all time. Love the colors you paired it up with!


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