To The Winner Goes The Spoils (and that's ME!)

I went to my mailbox this morning (after a few days of not checking...whoops) and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!


EEeeEeEE!! That's MY name! I'm Jennie!!

 Look! There is is again!! *squeals*

So, THANK YOU again to all of you who voted for me. I'm VERY EXCITED to have my very first set of signed books! Especially Making Waves, which is pretty much one of the best books ever. Fact. (I still have to read Believe It or Not. Don't worry, I'm on it). 

And thanks to Tawna for hosting such an awesome contest! (Plus, she gets about a bazillion bonus points for spelling my name correctly. For reals. People misspell it all the time. Or they call me Jennifer, which isn't my name, but I digress...). I also love the little pink stickers that say, "autographed copy." It makes things even more legit. 


So, now I just need a glass display case or something. With lasers and a crocodile-filled moat. Haha!!

Best Monday EVER!!


  1. Now thats something awesome to find in the mailbox!

  2. congrats on your win!
    i know what you mean about the little sticker
    such a little thing can be so thrilling lol

  3. Somehow I missed that first post (love the caption!) but congrats!! That is pretty freaking cool!


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