Birthday Party, Remix Style

This weekend, it was The Remix's birthday - his last before officially entering his mid-30s - so, that required a party.

And not just any party...a THEME party!


Because theme parties are way better than non-theme parties (obviously). 

One of The Remix's favourite shows is The Big Bang Theory so we decided on...

Sheldon Shirts!

And it was awesome!

Here's a small sampling of the shirts. We got...err...occupied and kind of forgot to take a group shot so three people are missing here. Also, there were a few wardrobe changes. Let's just say that there was a solid representation of comic book heros, 80s cartoons, and sci-fi movies. And just in case you can't read mine, it says: That's What She-Ra Said. Yeah, it's pretty much the greatest graphic tee of all-time.

In addition to the t-shirt madness, I also spent some time baking some of the Remix's Favourite Treats: Peanut butter & chocolate Rice Crispie squares, mini butter tarts, and peanut brittle cookies.

I'm not going to lie; I ate about a million of these.

Here's his cake - officially the hardest one I've ever made. In the future, I shall be avoiding designs that require straight edges. They suck.

It was a little chilly out but we were determined to have a fire. And by "we," I mean my BIL, who had never ending patience burning not-so-dry wood. Nicely done, BIL, nicely done. 

 All in all, it was a fantastic night and one for the memory books. Happy birthday baby!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome! Love the shirts, those cookies ALL sound wonderful AND that cake tuned out amazing!

  2. it must have been a weekend for theme parties (check out my blog)
    love the cake!!!!
    looks like ya'll had a blast

  3. Can you come plan my birthday party please? That was seriously awesome!

  4. What a great party! Love the "That's what She-Ra said!" shirt. And that cake is amazing!


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