Four Years (and Counting)

Four years ago today, we were on a beach in St. Lucia and a bird pooped on The Remix. Also, we got married.

Hard to believe that we almost need another hand to count. The years have gone by so quickly!

I woke up this morning to a lovely email from my Mum who put together some video clips from the week-long wedding vacation (totally cute, right?). It's not a public YouTube video so you'll have to copy and paste the link below if you'd like to watch.


Notable Video Moments:

At 1:21 - How many people does it take to pop champagne and NOT have the cork pollute the ocean? (I really REALLY didn't support cork ocean pollution).

3:08 - Is this thing on?

And at at 4:02, my Mother-in-Law shakes what her own mother gave her.

It was the best week ever and we were (and still are) so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who support us. Watching the video reaffirms what amazing people we have in our lives. So, THANK YOU, those people who I am referring to and screw all of the others (haha...I kid, I kid...not really). 

So now I'm going to wait half and hour and then start making some bacon. The Remix just LOVES waking up to the sizzling sounds of maple bacon. Then, we're hopefully going to play golf for the first time this season. YAY for GOLF!

And look at these gorgeous flowers he got me (yesterday because today's a holiday and everything's closed...haha).

Happy Anniversary, babe!

Can't wait for the next one (fingers crossed for a trashy Vegas renewal)!


  1. Awww congrats to you both! The flowers are gorgeous!

  2. happy anniversary and congratulations
    you are just babies from where i stand and i hope you have many happy years to come
    as for me and my hubs...coming up on 27 years

  3. Happy Anniversary! The flowers are lovely. :)

  4. Happy anniversary! It goes by so fast! Yay for Vegas!


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