The Nail Files: Connect the Dots

The Nail Files

So this week, I decided to try out the dotting side of my dotting tool. 

Spoiler Alert: I'm now obsessed.

Finger Paints Black Expressionism, OPI Don't You Lilac It?, China Glaze Flying Dragon, In the Limelight, and Turned up Turquoise, Sally Hansen Xtreme Blue Me Away! and White On.

First try with the dotting tool. Two coats of White On and Turned up Turquoise and then I did a line of dots on opposite colours. It was kind of hard to get symmetrical dots right away. Especially on my left hand. By trial and error, I learned that it's best to dip the dotter for fresh polish, for each dot. 

And because my trial run worked out so well, I couldn't resist going a little crazy, haha! Yup, this is a double nail posting!


 Two coats of White On and one coat of Black Expressionism (yes, you read that right, only one coat! This polish is the best black ever. Trust me, I've tried a lot...haha!). Then I lined the top of my nails with either four or five dots of Blue Me Away! (depending on the width of the nail). Below that, there are three dots of Flying Dragon, two of In the Limelight and a final dot of Don't You Lilac It?. 

They remind me of those strips of paper with candy dots and I kind of want to eat them. Haha!

So, I guess it's safe to say that I freaking love my dotting tool. Frankly, I don't know why I waited so long to get one. Dots are awesome!

And I've had a few comments from bloggers, asking how I shape my nails and really, it's pretty easy. First off, go and buy a bottle of OPI's Nail Envy. I take a crapload of medication that saps the calcium right out of my body but after a year or so of using Nail Envy as a base coat, my nails are hard as rocks! Seriously! I actually have to buy a file made for acrylic nails! I am aware that I've been blessed with enormous nail beds but I swear, pre-Nail Envy, they were a brittle mess. Now, all I do is file straight across the top with the more aggressive file and then switch to a gentler one to soften the edges. So there you go - no big secret, just a fantastic nail-strengthening base coat! Haha! 

Thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. I looks great! The second pic wow love love love.

  2. OMG Jennie, I love both designs! They look great!

  3. I need to get some of that base coat!

    Love this, I'm totally obsessed with my dotter tool too!

  4. Your nails do look really healthy! My job requires a lot of hand work, so I'll have to try out a bottle!

    Where does one buy a dotting tool? Everyone who uses them always gets so great results that I think its time to trade my toothpick in for a real tool :)

  5. Beautiful! I like making flowers with the dotting tool too.

  6. you are amazing. your nails? INCREDIBLE.

  7. Both these manis are cute, but I adore the white and turquoise.

  8. OMG they turned out amazing!! I want that dotting tool :)

  9. I always love your nails. I can't figure out which way I like them more! :)


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