The Nail Files: Made in the 80s

The Nail Files

Last Saturday, some friends of ours thew themselves an 80s housewarming party. Obviously, I took this as an opportunity to really DO my nails. Here's what went down:

Rite Stripe's White, Essie's Bermuda Shorts, China Glaze's In The Limelight, Turned up Turquoise and Luxe and Lush

My thumb and pinky fingers are In The Limelight, my ring and pointer fingers are Turned up Turquoise and my middle is Bermuda Shorts. Then I very carefully because my hand was shaking put three stripes on each finger and finished off with a coat of Luxe and Lush. You know, because it was an 80s party and there can NEVER be "too much" when you're talking about the 80s. They kind of remind me of those bad junior-high school picture backdrops. That and Kids Incorporated.

And here we are. Please note that I also have three bracelets of different colours on my other arm. And yes, I am wearing sequin shorts. Also, the outfit that The Remix is wearing is the same outfit he was wearing when we first met. Well, except for the glasses and gold chain. Still, he makes quite an impression, no? Haha!!

Thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!

ps. Kimberlee - you've been a doll and commented on just about every one of my Nail File posts but you don't have your email set up, so I can't say thank you (which is why I'm doing it here). So...err...thanks!! Haha!