Uninvited Guests

So, it's pretty common knowledge that we have adorable furbabies. Yeah, yeah, we're biased but still. They're pretty darn cute. 

So cute, in fact, that the Schnauzers from the house behind us have become obsessed with them.

Ob. Sessed.

They first escaped through the forest and onto our property a few weeks ago and now, they come over all the time! It's hilarious! They're both girls and have wonderful personalities. I managed to grab my camera this time, so I'll just leave you with the following series of gratuitous puppy pictures.

You're welcome.

Such a good looking dog, and I'm not even talking about Pepi. We had a Schnauzer growing up named P.J. and these gals remind me so much of him. Loves.

This is Bella, Pepi's main bitch. What?! She *is* a bitch - a female dog! 
Haha, a joke that just had to be made. I'm not even sorry about it. 

Um...where're you going?

Playtime in the front yard.

Pepi was having the time of his life while Pickle was...well, Pickle (read: cranky old man).

 (Don't tell Pickle but they totally like Pepi more. Not that I blame them one little bit. Who wants to hang out with a crankypants?)

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