Book Club Friday: Most Talkative

If you know me in real life, or have been reading this blog o' mine for a while, you know that I have a tendency to not shut up be long-winded, at times. Naturally, when I saw the title for Andy Cohen's memoir, Most Talkative, it was like finding a kindred spirit. Haha! I'm moderately obsessed with a few of The Real Housewives franchises (Atlanta being my favourite) so the combo had me pressing "add to cart."

To be honest, I actually heard parts of the book before reading it. We have a satellite radio and Andy had a feature program for a couple of weeks. Andy has a way of speaking that completely captivates me and I found myself hanging out in grocery store parking lots just so I could keep listening. One story in particular, regarding a trick he played on his mother, had me almost blacking out from laughter. Okay, not really, but I was laughing a lot. 

Like any memoir, the first few chapters are about Andy's childhood. Unfortunately, these were the least interesting of the bunch, which really surprised me beacuse most of the stories Andy read on the radio were from those exact chapters!

When Andy was reading the stories on the air, I was practically dying from laughter yet when I read them myself, they weren't funny at all! It was like being stuck listening to someone drone on and on as they fail to notice the intense look of boredom that's taking over your face while you silently plead for them to either get to the point, or stop. In fact, the tricks he played on his mother seemed more mean than funny, which is totally bizarre because it was the same freaking story

Yeah, Alexis, I don't get it either.

Anyway, after childhood, Andy moves on to his career. Wow, did he every do a lot of different stuff! All in TV, mind you, but still - he was all over the freaking place! As much as I didn't know every actor/actress/host/news anchor he mentioned, there were some very funny moments.

And then, of course, the last few chapters were about The Real Housewives. Learning how the franchise came to be was both interesting and engaging. The muddled storytelling of the first chapters was long gone and I whipped through the pages so quickly that I'm surprised my hands aren't covered with paper cuts. 

I'll share one small excerpt that had me in stitches.

From page 185:

"Then came Dina Manzo of the New Jersey cast and her hairless cat, Grandma Wrinkles, and I was shocked awake from my pet-related apathy. Grandma Wrinkles was impossible to ignore, and that is because she was one of the ugliest animals I'd ever seen. When Caroline Manzo reported that old GW stank like bacon, I became mildly obsessed - from afar. A bacon-scented hairless cat named Grandma Wrinkles? As they say, you cannot make this shit up."

Dina Manzo and Grandma Wrinkles

If you're a fan of Bravo's amazing reality television series, then you'll probably like Most Talkative.  Andy's aware of the insanely high level of ridculousness the women operate on, so every little ditty is written in a tongue-and-cheek kinda way. I don't know why the first chapters didn't have the same feel, but in the end, Andy demonstrates why he is where he is. And that's because he's a seriously hard worker with a wicked sense of humour. So, obviously, I want to be his new BFF.

All in all, I'd say Most Talkative is a good read but if you can get it in an audiobook, you may enjoy it more. There's just something about how Andy talks that takes his writing to the next level. Either way, though, it's a solid memoir. 

Thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting!


  1. I was interested in reading this because he is quite the character but disappointed to hear it was boring :(

  2. I've never watched the t.v. shows, but the excerpt you posted from the book was pretty funny. If I check out the audiobook from the library what do I really have to lose (except maybe a few laughs)? Happy Friday!

  3. I'm obsessed with all the RH shows (Beverly Hills is prob my favorite) so I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy this one.


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