Happy Canada Day!!

Oh, Canada....my home and native land....

I love you so much!!

You're the BEST country EVER!


And in honour of your BIG DAY, dear nation, I shall share Classified's amazing song, "Oh Canada." No, it's not the official national anthem but it's filled with wonderful stereotypical (but true) tidbits about your awesomeness. Plus, I like the beat. And it's funny.

And because we live in The Maritimes, here's another little diddy from Classified about how extra awesome the east coast of Canada is. Again, it's funny (funnier than Oh Canada, if I'm being honest but that's probably because seriously funny stuff happens on the east side. Word). 

Start at around the minute mark, there's a long intro. 

Fireworks, BBQ's and bonfires for everyone! 
And beers, of course. We are Canadian, after all. I mean you were paying attention to the lyrics of those songs, right? HA!

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