The Nail Files: Sparkle Parfait

The Nail Files

InspiratioNAIL picture for this week (via Pinterest, of course):

                                                                        Source: juliapetit.com.br via jennie on Pinterest

Essie Bermuda Shorts, OPI Don't You Lilac It, China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat, makeup sponge and purple micro glitter.

First up, a thick coat of Bermuda Shorts, just focusing on the bottom of the nail. I figured this look would take at least four coats of polish and since I wanted them to actually have a chance at drying, I used one coat when I could. Luckily, Essie makes a great polish and it went on nice and evenly.

The Pinterest instructions said to put drops of the bottom and middle polish together, blend them in the middle and then use the sponge to pick up the polish to roll it over your nail.

Spoiler Alert: That didn't even almost work. All of the polish was absorbed by the sponge and nothing got onto my nail. 

A little finagling later and I figured out that a single, large drop of Don't You Lilac It, swiped up super fast with the sponge and then rolled over my nail IMMEDIATELY, worked out perfectly! And it was WAY less work than having to swirl the colours together. Also, the Pinterest instructions didn't mention that you have to do the drop/blend technique for every nail! Let me tell you, that would take FOREVER! Don't do it! Haha!! Anyway, each finger got one roll of Don't You Lilac It, from the bottom third of the nail, up to the top.

Then I waited a while for the polish to dry. Since I was using micro glitter, I didn't want it to stick everywhere. After they were dry, I did the same technique of rolling but used Patent Leather Top Coat. I put the sparkles in a soda bottle cap and it was the perfect depth to dip my nail in and get a good coating of sparkles. Just remember not to sneeze during this part. Haha!

When they were all dipped and coated, I waited for about half an hour before washing my hands to get rid of the excess sparkles and polish that was all over my skin. Trust me, this is a VERY MESSY manicure. As a pal of mine likes to say: glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts because it never really goes away. And micro glitter is the herp-i-est of all the glitter, so you've been warned. Haha!

To finish it up, I used two coats of Patent Leather Top Coat, just to make sure that the sparkles were secure and voila! I'm left with beautiful, layered and sparkly nails that look like a raspberry parfait.


So although this manicure is super awesome, I'm not sure I'd do it again. In total it took about two hours, which is fine when you're watching the first two episodes of the new Real World, but definitely not one I'll be doing on a regular basis. 

Happy Friday, everyone, and thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!