Book Club Friday: Misery Loves Cabernet

My review for this week is for a book that was an impulse purchase. My to-read pile is teetering next to the couch and threatening to crush me considerable but, as we all know, I can't resist a good pun. So, really...I didn't have much of a choice. 

Misery Loves Cabernet

Sweeping Declaration: this book was freaking awesome.

And here's why:

The MC's name is Charlize "Charlie" Edwards and she works as a personal assistant to one of Hollywood's ranking leading men. Yes, it is a story that's been told a hundred times but that doesn't matter one little bit because this book tells it way better. Like in a, what-kind-of-food-do-hippos-eat-because-one-is-being-delivered-to-my-house-and-I-think-it-will-be-hungry, kind of better. 

Then there's the off-the-wall drama with Charlie's parents but I'm NOT going to get into detail about that because even a little hint could end up being a spoiler and I don't share spoilers. Rest assured, though, it's a freaking awesome side-story. 


Oh man, is it EVER an awesome side-story. 

And speaking of awesome, there's also the book that Charlie, herself, is writing: a collection of very funny lines that are supposed to offer life-advice to Charlie's future great-grand-daughter. They appear throughout the entire book, and are placed at just the right moment for full comedic impact. 

Some are sound examples of age-old wisdom:

There's nothing wrong with silence. Don't always race to fill up the silence with words.


When you're heading down the wrong path, there are usually lots of signs warning you along the way. Be intelligent. Pay attention to the signs.

While others nearly made me spit out my tea:

Don't do shots at the beginning of a party unless you want to wake up the next morning wondering where your panties are, and the name of the guy on top of you.


Men are fuckers who just want to mess with your head.

When I read that Ms. Gruenenfelder has experience screenwriting, I wasn't surprised because her comedic timing is bang-on and Misery Love Cabernet just might be one of the rare books I read again because there's a good chance that I didn't catch everything the first time around.  

So, if you haven't guessed it already, I'm giving Misery Loves Cabernet
read this right now 

Well...what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting!