The Nail Files: I'm In A Chic Clown Posse

Sally Hansen White On, China Glaze Man Hunt and Flip Flop Fantasy

Two coats of White On and Flip Flop Fantasy and one coat of Man Hunt. 

While letting it dry, I got my dotting tool out and put big drops of White On and Flip Flop Fantasy on the back of a crumpled up receipt I found at the bottom of my purse a piece of paper to dip my dotting tool in. I've learned that it's way better to do the dotting when the base colour is wet because it kind of absorbs the dot and then dries smoothly. So, after the first coat of Man Hunt was dry, I added another coat and then dotted away. 

The combo of colours makes me feel like I'm a clown from a chic circus. You know, one where I'd have a tiny umbrella and frilly socks but still arrive with eight other clowns in SmartCar. And instead of a water-squirting flower, I'd have one that shoots confetti...GLITTER confetti...glitter RAINBOW confetti! Oh yes, this is the kind of circus I could really posse-up with. Haha!

Thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!