Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Back in the day, when I was little, Glowworms were all the rage. Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but my love of the Glowworms isn't. And I didn't just have one Glowworm, I had three. 

Yup. Three.

And even now, as an almost-thirty-one-year-old, I still have one left. 

Side Story: When I was in 2nd year of university, my Mum and I drove from Toronto to Fredericton for the start of the school year. Obviously, Glowy 3 came with me (they all had the same name, with numbers afterward--for a creative child, I'm just as surprised as you are with my lack of thinking outside the box). On the third day of our drive, disaster struck: I left Glowy 3 (the sole remaining Glowy) at a hotel. 

*cue hysterical crying in the parking lot while the entire contents of my car covered the asphalt*

*cue hysterical phone call to hotel*

*cue hotel employee's extreme confusion on why a nineteen-year-old was freaking out about a Glowworm*

Luckily, the hotel employee found my Glowy, packed him up (with Styrofoam eggies) and mailed him to me. He arrived unscathed and has been hanging out with me ever since.

So when it came time to decide what I wanted to be for Halloween this year, I didn't have to look far for inspiration...

Me and Glowy 3. I took some liberties with the overall design, adding a few rows of sequin trim because, you know, every gal needs a little sparkle. And it was a totally unexpected bonus to find the shoes and leggings. 

Obviously, if I was going to be a Glowworm, I needed to glow. So, off to eBay I went, in search of LED Christmas lights that ran on battery packs (have I ever talked about my love for eBay? It's the BEST!).

Like looking in a mirror, right? And let me tell you, covering up my eyebrows was no easy task. I watched a tutorial on Google but it wasn't nearly as easy as the guy in drag made it seem. *shakes fist* Still, it worked out pretty well.

And just when the night was getting started, a terribly scary clown tried to kill me. Probably because she was jealous of my costume's awesomeness. Stupid clown...(I kid, I kid).

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe when you're out with your kiddies tonight! 


Book Club Friday: Gone Girl

Gone Girl: A Novel

You know that feeling you get when you find a $5 bill in your pocket? Well, reading Gone Girl is sort of like that—only instead of finding $5, you find $100. No, I'm not exaggerating. It really is that awesome. However, it's a suspense novel so I will tread carefully while articulating its amazing-ness (you're welcome). 

On one side, you’ve got Nick. He’s a pretty average guy who’s married to Amy. They moved from New York City when they lost their jobs (him: a journalist, her: a writer who make quizzes you find in magazines aka The Best Job Ever) and ended up in Nick’s somewhat rural hometown. Nether is particularly psyched about it but Nick uses the last of their money to buy a bar with his twin sister and they try to make the best of things.

Then, there’s Amy—a character who is used to getting what she wants. Add rest assured, moving from the city to the pseudo-country to spend her days without much to do isn't something that Amy would ever have chosen. Amy’s chapters are written like diary entries, (while Nick’s happen in the present) so it’s easy to put yourself in her shoes and it was sweet to read about the beginning of their relationship from Amy’s point-of-view. My heart went out to her when things started to go badly on the job-front but Amy was an optimist at heart and I felt a strong connection with her effort in seeing the silver linings.

For the first part of Gone Girl, you learn about how Nick and Amy ended up moving from NYC and then, Amy goes missing, on the day of their five-year wedding anniversary. Mounting evidence points to Nick and suddenly, a ho-hum story is cranked up to an 11. And then…THEN, you get metaphorically kicked in the face with awesome. 

This plot is bananas, guys--crazy, insane, you’ve-got-to-be-freaking-kidding-me bananas.

I literally had no idea what was going to happen from one chapter to the next. One of the ultimate goals of authors is to make it impossible for the reader to find a place to put the book down and on that front, Ms. Flynn is a master--of the Jedi variety. 

And I know that because when I was almost halfway through, The Remix’s iPad died. Normally, I’d just plug it in to charge and read later but after sitting on the couch for a very long seven minutes, I grabbed a pillow and huddled up on the floor, next to the outlet while The Remix stared at me like I’d lost my mind (which is really the only appropriate way to look at your wife-y when she's camped out in the corner of your living room and refuses to go to bed even though it’s really, really late). 

Nicely done, Gillian Flynn. Nicely done. 


Look, I can’t say much more than I’ve said because spoilers are the worst. Especially with books like Gone Girl. Jennifer Weiner has gone on record saying that Gone Girl is one of the best books she’s ever read and, frankly, that’s probably an understatement. So if you like books where you have no choice but to exclaim aloud when the story screeches around a hairpin turn, then Gone Girl is for you. 

Read it, people. 

Read it now!

Thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting! 

And I can't wait to talk about it on Sunday with my book club, as this really is the kind of book you want to chat about. Hopefully my computer works this time! *crosses fingers*

The Nail Files: I've Got My Eye On You

The Nail Files Link Up


China Glaze In The Lime Light and Make A Spectacle, ORLY Monster Mash, Finger Paints Paper Mâché and Black Expressionism. I also used a dotting tool (2 sizes).

Two coats of In The Lime Light, one coat of Monster Mash (1/2 nail) followed by one coat of Make A Spectacle (bonus points for using this one with the eyeballs, right? *grins*) on all nails except feature. For that one, I did two larger dots in Paper Mâché and two smaller dots with Black Expressionism. The Pinspiration pic was very elaborate but I wanted them to match my Halloween costume and I'm going as a Glowworm so they needed to be more cartoon-y versus scary. 


Have a great weekend, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


I'm No Jane Austen: How to Dress For The Evening While Staying at a Country House

The Jane Austen Handbook

Step 1: Get An Invitation To A Country House Party

Even if you live in a grand estate, everyone likes to get away from time to time for a change of scenery. A house party can be the very thing: There will be new scenes and new people; you will have company, so you will not be bored; and as it is not your house, you have no business to take care of. And if your pockets are all to let, a stay of a few weeks will give you a the opportunity to catch up on your debts. Here are some tips for securing yourself an invitation.

Now, because I've already shared with you that I was at a country house, only two weekends ago, we all know that I nailed this one. However, I think it's important to go over the steps. You know, for the purpose of information sharing because that's just a nice thing to do. And I'm nothing, if not nice (sometimes). 

1. Cultivate relationships with people who have big houses. 
Mostly because they're going to want company, at some point. This one seems...well...obvious. I mean, if there is no country house, then what are they inviting you to? Luckily for me, I happen to have a very good friend who has access to a big house. 

Points Earned: 1

2. Offer to keep house for a bachelor relative.
As in, a single guy in your family wants to have single ladies over to his country house but needs a married woman there to greet them. The Manual suggests that if you can offer your services in this way (being the greeter lady), then you should be able to secure an invitation. And if you do end up going, and find him a wife among the invited single ladies, then he'll be so psyched that he'll invite you back, later. That said, my pal isn't a bachelor or a relative, so this one isn't applicable. But since I'm married (and awesome), I'm taking it. 

Points Earned: 1

3. Make yourself invaluable.
That means you should help the country house owner with whatever they need: advice, childcare, entertainment--whatever. So when said Big House Pal mentioned that she could use some practice doing up-dos, I offered my head and camera so we could take pictures of whatever she came up with. Naturally, this simple plan morphed into a seriously awesome and elaborate afternoon but the point is, I was helpful. Invaluable even (because I'm the only one in our crew with a fancy camera).

Points Earned: 1

4. Play the pity card.
Let's be honest--I have a pretty good one of these. The silver lining of being a sicky face means that I carry an ace up my sleeve. But it's not one that I use. Ever, really. But, regardless of using the pity card or not, I think that ownership of such a card is enough for half a point. 

Points Earned: 1/2

5. Ask!
I love this one--it's so straightforward! Alas, I did not directly ask my Big House Pal for an invitation, so I don't get this point. Boo.

Points Earned: 0

6. Just be good company.
Do I really need to elaborate on this one? *smirks* 

Points Earned: 1

So that puts my score at 4.5/6, which is a whopping 75 percent!!

WOHOO!!! Look who's in the B range now, baby!!

So if you've managed to secure an invite to a country house, this is an example of what you can expect:

 Many bedrooms, many bathrooms, huge fireplaces, expansive lawns, airs of olden times, and a killer view. 

Said killer view (just so you can see that I'm not pulling your leg).



(Sorry about all of the all-caps. I'm super psyched.)

Remember number 3 up there? About being invaluable? And I said that I offered to take some pics for my Big House Pal? Well, that idea went from cool to super-freaking-awesome when we decided that not only would we take some hair pictures, but we'd also bring our fancy dresses and pretty accessories to take some Kardashian Family-Esque Portraits. Because there isn't much of an opportunity to wear ball gowns in every day life (which is a travesty, obviously).

How To Dress For The Evening 

The Manual has a considerable section on how to dress, including a portion on evening dress. And the best part--the most AMAZING part--is that none of us read the description before we got there! Which means that, somehow, we naturally acted like ladies in Regency England. Yeah, I know. Nobody's more surprised than I am.

For dinner and afterwards, change into something truly elegant and perhaps even a little daring. Evening is the time for our flimsiest muslins, prettiest trimmings, and whatever family jewelry you can wheedle out of your mother. Low-cut bodices are perfectly acceptable, and a pretty headdress or some beads or flowers wove into your hair will add just the right tough. Younger ladies should stick with muslin gowns, while married or older ladies can wear gowns made of light silk. And remember--a woman can never look too fine when she is all in white

I'll just let the following pictures speak for themselves:

Holy crap, my friends are gorgeous. If this isn't evidence why people should get dressed up for no reason, then I don't know what is.

Points Awarded: 1

So for those who are keeping track (mostly me), that's a 100% score!!

A+ baby!!

And if you combine the 100% score with the previous 75%, that gives me an overall tally of 88%, which is almost THIRTY PERCENT higher than my previous Austen comparisons.

(Oh man, it doesn't matter how hard I try and fight it. I'm totally an overachiever...)

*high fives (with gloved hands, obviously)*


Eff, Marry, Kill: St. Elmo's Fire

It's here...IT'S HERE!!


*points while jumping up and down*


First off, a shout-out to Heather and Michelle for hosting another one of my fave link-ups!!

I've always been into watching classic 80s coming-of-age dramas: Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love, Sixteen Candles--I love them all! They're well-written, have wonderfully relatable characters and almost always, a happy ending. *sighs contently*

And then there's St. Elmo's Fire. It has most of the actors from those other movies, but they're all grown-up (mostly...kinda...you know what I mean) and even though there isn't a happy ending, it's because the issues the characters are dealing with are more complicated than a simple "he doesn't love me" plot line. There's drug addiction, job losses, infidelity--all the good adult content that makes the world go round. Haha!! Anyway, that's why St. Elmo's Fire will always have a special place in my heart. No, it doesn't give me that warm squishy feeling that everything's going to be okay but it reinforces the idea that genuine friends can see past your bullshit and still love you. And that's a great message to be left with. 

 So, without further adieu, I present The Men of St. Elmo's Fire:


Billy Hicks (Rob Lowe)

Billy Hicks, Schmilly Schmicks--this character is played by Rob Lowe, which makes him the obvious shoe-in for the Eff category. Physical attributes aside, his character also plays the saxaphone in a band (an underrated yet surprisingly sexy reed instrument). Yes, he's kind of a douche and definitely a womanizer but isn't that what you want for an Eff? Someone who knows that they're doing and has enough swagger to turn off the part of your brain that makes good decisions? I mean, he sports a dangling cross earring, for crying out loud. Repeat: he's super hot in spite of a dangling cross earring. Enough said. 


Kirby Keger (Emilio Estevez)

Okay, so these other two categories were harder to fill (haha). Because St. Elmo's Fire is such an awesome movie, there are no "perfect" characters. In fact, they're all pretty effed up, however slots must be filled (I'm obviously stuck in the first category, but can you blame me? BillyBillyBilly...mmm).

If I had to marry a character from St. Elmo's Fire, it'd be Kirby. Yes, he's kind of a stalker but here's another way of looking at it: he's determined, a hard worker and someone who knows the value of persistence. Now if Kirby boiled a rabbit in a pot, that'd be different, but he works his little tail off to impress Andie MacDowell's character and then drives for a thousand hours, up a mountain with no appropriate cold-weather clothing, to tell her about it. So really, he moved mountains for her. Okay, so he drove up a mountain, whatever. At the end of the day, I love a man with a clenched jaw and a glint of determination in his eye. Also, he has a cute butt.

Kevin Dolenz (Andrew McCarthy)

Oh Kevin, why can't you grow a backbone? The longing looks you send Ally Sheedy's character are seriously embarrassing. Like, worse than when Joey Potter would sing "On My Own," on Dawson's Creek. Yeah, yeah, you love a girl who doesn't love you back but you know why? Because you never told her! You just followed her around like a poor lost puppy dog and guess what, Kevin? Women don't like that! It's creepy and weird when a guy you think is your friend suddenly tries to kiss you, or tells you that he's in love with you (flattering too, but mostly creepy and weird). So until you grow a back-bone, whiny Kevin, you're outta here!

Can't wait to see who everyone else picked!!

*scuttles off to link-up*


The Nail Files: Three Bucks Equals Priceless Results

The Nail Files Link Up

Finger Paints Paper Mâché, China Glaze Man Hunt, Immortal, Finger Paints Iconic Orange, China Glaze Bizarre Blurple, Sinful Colors Innocent. And the dotting tools I got from eBay for around $3. I'm serious--and that included shipping. So if you don't have a set yet, make it happen. Trust me, it's worth it!

Two coats of Paper Mâché to start. Then I took two different dotting tools to make one large dot surrounded by two smaller ones, like a typical engagement ring design, if you will. I started with my pinky and then worked inward, alternating the colours as I went. Only two re-dos for this mani--a personal best! Haha!!

And I've had a couple of people ask if I do both hands, and I do (and I'm sorry for not responding to those comments directly. I'm bad blogger *slaps hand*)! Granted, sometimes my other hand is a disaster, but this time it worked out great!

I'd also like to mention that this was my first time using Finger Paints Paper Mâché. Their Black Expressionism is bananas (often only needing one coat) and although this mani required two coats of the white, it was smooth and thin so I didn't have the bubble problems like I had with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Polish. So, until I find the ultimate one-coat white polish, I'm going to keep using Finger Paints.

Thanks to Vicki and Tara for hosting!


I'm No Jane Austen: Declining An Unwanted Proposal Of Marriage

The Jane Austen Handbook

Okay, so according to The Jane Austen Handbook, I possess just over half of the skills required to be an accomplished lady and have about a fifty-fifty chance of attracting a man

Whomp, whomp.

BUT then I found a section that I knew would give me a better score: How to Decline an Unwanted Marriage Proposal. 

Although I haven't technically declined an unwanted proposal, The Manual's tips are totally applicable to the general ending of a relationship. And that, I have a lot of experience doing, doesn't everybody? 

So here we go!

You have had some hints that a particular gentleman has developed an interest in you; the problem is that you cannot stand him because his is stupid, disagreeable, abominably proud or just plain creepy (BAHAHA). While it is true that a man has the power of choice, a woman has the power of refusal. Start off gently; if he does not take the hint, work you way up to letting him have it in a raking broadside.

Side note: The Manual had me at "stupid."

1. Head him off at the pass.
As in, tell everyone you know, he knows--you both know--that you're not interested. The hope is that the information will trickle down to him and he'll leave you alone. Err...this is super passive-aggressive and therefore, not my deal. But have I done it? Yes. So I'm giving myself the point.

Points Earned: 1

2. Be an ice queen.
The Manual states that you are to behave as though you are insulted by his creepy hints. BAHA!! That's TWO times that The Manual has used the word creepy in this section. Who knew that creepy stood the test of time? 

Freezing a guy out, rolling my eyes and being a general itchy B is something that I have some familiarity with (okay, maybe more than "some"). I mean, I went to a private high school where that kind of attitude was second nature. 

So yeah, I can be an ice queen. In fact, I can ice queen all over you. After all, I learned from the best. 

Points Earned: 1

3. Play the ingénue.
Everyone knows this one means: play dumb. As in, if he asks you to marry him, pretend that you don't understand him so if he comes back later, you can pretend that you don't know what he's talking about.

I'm sorry, did you say something?

Although I understand the theory behind this one, it really just makes more work for you. Why not just say "no" right away? Why make yourself do it, twice?

I have a vague memory of ingénue-ing I was in middle school and it didn't go well. A guy named Jason wanted to "go out" with me (translation: sit next to each other at lunch) but I wasn't feeling it. In fact, I was in line at the food truck outside (we didn't have a cafeteria) when his BFF asked me. I don't remember everything but DO recall being pestered to a point that my pizza got cold, which is when I told him "yes" to make him go away. 

My thirteen-year-old brain didn't count on the uncomfortable exchange with Jason six minutes later, though, when he came over to me and wanted to hold my hand. You know, because I told him via his BFF that it was cool even though it wasn't. He was embarrassed, I was embarrassed, his friend was embarrassed--in short, a total disaster. So although I get a point here, it's not a technique that I would recommend. 

Points Earned: 1

4. Be firm.
No means no! If the guy doesn't get it then you just need to keep on telling him that it's not going to happen.

And if he still doesn't get the point, find a local radio station and dedicate Taylor Swift's latest release to him. In my past, there have been a few guys who I've broken up with, gotten back together with, only to break up again...and then get back together. My own fault, clearly, because I wasn't being firm enough. However, at the end of the day, it worked, so I'm taking this one.

Points Earned: 1

5. Distract him.
The Manual suggests that you introduce him to a girlfriend who is not as picky as you are. Wait--so I'm supposed to pawn off dudes I don't like to my friends? If he's not good enough for me, why would he be good enough for my friends? 

This one makes me think about that party Charlotte threw in Sex and the City where people brought guys they weren't interested in because "one woman's trash is another's treasure." And I guess, in theory, I understand the theory but I'm not a fan of venturing where my friends have already...err...ventured. And since I love my friends, I don't quite understand suggesting they date my ex-boyfriends. Besides, they probably didn't like him, anyway. 

Points Earned: 0

6. Insult him.
At first, I was ALL OVER this one (haha) but then it took a surprising twist. Instead of explaining how being a meanie would end a relationship (or proposal), it says that "you never know, he might take your words to heart and turn himself into quite a good catch!" 

Now, the real problem with this one is that it kind of gives you carte blanche to insult him all of the time, in hopes of changing him. And really, most times when you break up with someone, it's not because of things they can change.

Funny Breakup Ecard: We're over because I hate your pants, you get too drunk at the bar and breathe really loudly through your nose. Oh, and you suck.

I'm all for insulting a guy but insulting him to try and change him is seriously passive aggressive (not to mention, totally ineffective).  

Points Earned: 0

7. Swoon.
Truth be told, I've never done this. However, I totally appreciate the dramatic intensity of such an act. In fact, I can't imagine a better reaction to a guy proposing than having the proposee collapse. What makes a better impact than that? Haha!!

Points Earned: 0 (if only because I didn't know this was an option before now)

So, that's a total of 4/7, which is 57%. 


I really thought that I nailed this one but I'm still stuck with a "C."That said, knowing that The Manual encourages swooning during uncomfortable times has gotten me thinking...about where I can strategically hide soft things to land on. In fact, I may just have to pick a fight with The Remix so I can try it out. 

*eyes cushy dog beds that are already conveniently located on the floor*


Brûlé Banquet

Because The Remix and I are lucky duckies, we were able to spend a (non-governmental) long-weekend at a friend's country house, which is on lac brûlé, in Québec.

A country house? What's that? Don't you mean a cottage?

No. No, I don't. 


Equal parts The Great Gatsby and Dirty Dancing (minus the watermelon).

 The view from the dock. So pretty it almost hurts to look at it (and I'm not just talking about The Remix and Pickle)

So yeah, that's where we were and it was freaking awesome.

Freaking. Awesome.

One of the awesome-r parts was the food. Specifically, the food created by our own Gordon Ramsay, but with less swearing and more facial hair.

Chef Awesomepants

Not only did he GPS where he could find the perfect cheese, but he took into account the MANY dietary restrictions of our little group and still managed to cook some of the best food that I've ever had. 

Here's an example of one night's menu:

Appetizer 1: Oysters

Appetizer 2: Raclette (or Fire Cheese, depending on how classy you are...I'm sure you know where I stand on this one)

 Yup, Chef Awesomepants melted the quarter-block of cheese over an actual fire. It was like we were in a French film, or something. 

Entrée: Chicken Pot Pie 

And there was also creme brûlée but...errr...I fell asleep before it was ready (true story).

So basically, I gained three pounds in three days.

Three delicious pounds (as they were mostly due to butter).

And now I'm back at home, thinking about having a bowl of cereal for lunch, which isn't even almost the same thing. 




I’m No Jane Austen: How To Attract A Man

The Jane Austen Handbook

In a time when communication between unmarried persons of the opposite sex is so proscribed by social mores, it is difficult to let a man know that you find him attractive. In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection that she feels because a man’s own natural diffidence might lead him to think that she is not interested in him otherwise. But how to do so and maintain your reputation? Read on for some techniques that will get the point across—unless he is a blockhead, of course. But you wouldn’t want to marry a blockhead, anyway.

Again, the intro to this section shows me—right off the bat—that I’m in trouble…except for the blockhead bit, of course. That's hilarious!

1. Flatter his vanity.
Tell him that he's funny and smart and good-looking? That sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! The Regency England kind of flattery involves a woman listening to everything a man says with “great interest,” admiring “everything” he does, and agreeing with him on all subjects. It even goes as far to say that if you do disagree with him, you should backpedal until he’s convinced that you agree with him.


Points earned: 0

2. Talk about him to his relatives.
Relevant backstory: The Remix is a cousin of a girl I went to high school with. That girl and I used to go running together, and sometimes we’d talk about him. Granted, it wasn’t like she hooked the two of us up but still, she’s a relative and I talked to her about him so I'm taking the point. 

Points earned: 1

3. Offer to perform little services for him.
Such services include mending his pen or stockings. Hmm…yeah, this one’s probably not going to go in my favour. In fact, it might be a minus point because when The Remix and I first started dating, he was a total clean freak. I mean, he ironed his sheets and once, I caught him ironing his tube socks. Seven years later, he now irons the collar and cuffs of shirts and occasionally wears sweatpants to the grocery store. Oh, how I made him fall.

Points earned: 0

4. Ask him if he would like to go “stargazing.”
According to The Manual, stargazing is the Regency England equivalent to “watching a movie.” And as The Remix knows, I was all about asking him if he wanted to come in at midnight to “watch a movie.” The Manual also states if he’s too clueless to know what "stargazing" means, it’s time to rethink your affection for the guy. Solid suggestion, if you ask me.

Points earned: 1

5. Keep your cool.
First off, it really says to keep your cool! Haha!! Basically this point says that if he shows interest in another lady, you’re supposed to pretend that you don’t care and then tease him about his “conquests.”
Um…yeah…this one’s kind of a given for me. OF COURSE I tease people—it’s kind of what I do. And I’m not a jealous person by nature, so basically, I nailed this one. *fist pump*

Points earned: 1

6. Mirror his actions.
Yup, this is exactly as it sounds—an excuse to become a stalker. Suggestions include reading a book if he’s reading one and running after him when he goes for a walk because it just happens to be the time for your “daily stroll in the shrubbery.”

Side story: When a pal and I were bumming around France in the summer of ’05, we stayed with a family who continually told us to “not walk in the bushes.” Because that’s obviously where we’d want to walk (not really). Maybe they thought we were living our lives according to The Jane Austen Manual...BAHAHA!!! Oh man, I couldn't even get through that one. As if we were ever that classy (right, LeDouf?).

Moving on.

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, I have never, ever, ever (in my entire history of dating) pretended to be into something that I wasn’t. Like, ever.

Points earned: 0

7. Find him irresistible.
Okay, well this one’s easy.

Points earned: 1

Total points for attracting a man: 4/7 = 57%

So, to sum up, according to The Jane Austen Manual, I’m 58% of a lady and have about a fifty-fifty chance of attracting a man. Not great, but I guess it could be worse. 

How many of these points did you get?

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