Eff, Marry, Kill: St. Elmo's Fire

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First off, a shout-out to Heather and Michelle for hosting another one of my fave link-ups!!

I've always been into watching classic 80s coming-of-age dramas: Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love, Sixteen Candles--I love them all! They're well-written, have wonderfully relatable characters and almost always, a happy ending. *sighs contently*

And then there's St. Elmo's Fire. It has most of the actors from those other movies, but they're all grown-up (mostly...kinda...you know what I mean) and even though there isn't a happy ending, it's because the issues the characters are dealing with are more complicated than a simple "he doesn't love me" plot line. There's drug addiction, job losses, infidelity--all the good adult content that makes the world go round. Haha!! Anyway, that's why St. Elmo's Fire will always have a special place in my heart. No, it doesn't give me that warm squishy feeling that everything's going to be okay but it reinforces the idea that genuine friends can see past your bullshit and still love you. And that's a great message to be left with. 

 So, without further adieu, I present The Men of St. Elmo's Fire:


Billy Hicks (Rob Lowe)

Billy Hicks, Schmilly Schmicks--this character is played by Rob Lowe, which makes him the obvious shoe-in for the Eff category. Physical attributes aside, his character also plays the saxaphone in a band (an underrated yet surprisingly sexy reed instrument). Yes, he's kind of a douche and definitely a womanizer but isn't that what you want for an Eff? Someone who knows that they're doing and has enough swagger to turn off the part of your brain that makes good decisions? I mean, he sports a dangling cross earring, for crying out loud. Repeat: he's super hot in spite of a dangling cross earring. Enough said. 


Kirby Keger (Emilio Estevez)

Okay, so these other two categories were harder to fill (haha). Because St. Elmo's Fire is such an awesome movie, there are no "perfect" characters. In fact, they're all pretty effed up, however slots must be filled (I'm obviously stuck in the first category, but can you blame me? BillyBillyBilly...mmm).

If I had to marry a character from St. Elmo's Fire, it'd be Kirby. Yes, he's kind of a stalker but here's another way of looking at it: he's determined, a hard worker and someone who knows the value of persistence. Now if Kirby boiled a rabbit in a pot, that'd be different, but he works his little tail off to impress Andie MacDowell's character and then drives for a thousand hours, up a mountain with no appropriate cold-weather clothing, to tell her about it. So really, he moved mountains for her. Okay, so he drove up a mountain, whatever. At the end of the day, I love a man with a clenched jaw and a glint of determination in his eye. Also, he has a cute butt.

Kevin Dolenz (Andrew McCarthy)

Oh Kevin, why can't you grow a backbone? The longing looks you send Ally Sheedy's character are seriously embarrassing. Like, worse than when Joey Potter would sing "On My Own," on Dawson's Creek. Yeah, yeah, you love a girl who doesn't love you back but you know why? Because you never told her! You just followed her around like a poor lost puppy dog and guess what, Kevin? Women don't like that! It's creepy and weird when a guy you think is your friend suddenly tries to kiss you, or tells you that he's in love with you (flattering too, but mostly creepy and weird). So until you grow a back-bone, whiny Kevin, you're outta here!

Can't wait to see who everyone else picked!!

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  1. I would EFF Rob Lowe any day!

  2. Rob Lowe can get the business! That's for sure!


  3. Love love love those classic movies! And hell yeah to rob lowe;)

  4. Rob Lowe is still hot too!

    Stopping by from E, M, K... Fun!

  5. old-school picks! :)

    i love this link-up too!

  6. Oh Rob Lowe - you were such a rebel - I still love you and your dangly cross earring!

    Great picks - I wouldn't change it at all.

  7. I would EFF Emilio any day.. any night! HAHA

  8. Hahahahah! Joey Potter singing On My Own! Love it! I'd have to agree with your choices. And I also need to watch this movie again. It's been waaay too long.

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)
    Easily Entertained

  9. I absolutely agree with your choices! Rob Lowe is yummy!!

  10. I have NEVER seen this movie! As an 80s kiddo, I should be ashamed. I know...I know :) But I like your pics!


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