I Clearly Married Into The Right Family

This weekend marks our annual Cup Competition, where 12 of us are going to be running around like crazy people, playing games that originate from whatever stock our local dollar stores can offer. It's super fun (obviously, I'll be posting about it after) and what's even MORE fun is The Remix's brother decided to drive from Ontario to participate. He arrived last night, after spending 13 hours in the car (what a trouper) and along with his supplies, he brought a few things from his parents.

And what was one of those things?



So if I wasn't already in love with my Mother-in-Law, let's just say that this sealed the deal. Not only did I marry an amazing man, but also got the bonus of a few extra people who know a razz-able topic when they see one. Even when it's their own son.

Nicely done, MIL, nicely done.


  1. LOL I Love this!! Charlie waits until he is pretty much on empty too, and I get gas like at the 3/4 empty point. Maybe its a men vs women thing...


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