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Finger Paints Paper Mâché, China Glaze Man Hunt, Immortal, Finger Paints Iconic Orange, China Glaze Bizarre Blurple, Sinful Colors Innocent. And the dotting tools I got from eBay for around $3. I'm serious--and that included shipping. So if you don't have a set yet, make it happen. Trust me, it's worth it!

Two coats of Paper Mâché to start. Then I took two different dotting tools to make one large dot surrounded by two smaller ones, like a typical engagement ring design, if you will. I started with my pinky and then worked inward, alternating the colours as I went. Only two re-dos for this mani--a personal best! Haha!!

And I've had a couple of people ask if I do both hands, and I do (and I'm sorry for not responding to those comments directly. I'm bad blogger *slaps hand*)! Granted, sometimes my other hand is a disaster, but this time it worked out great!

I'd also like to mention that this was my first time using Finger Paints Paper Mâché. Their Black Expressionism is bananas (often only needing one coat) and although this mani required two coats of the white, it was smooth and thin so I didn't have the bubble problems like I had with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Polish. So, until I find the ultimate one-coat white polish, I'm going to keep using Finger Paints.

Thanks to Vicki and Tara for hosting!


  1. This is Fabulous. I love your mani. I have dotting tools and I have not figured out how to use them yet.

  2. Love that dotting tool set and design! As far as the white, I have Orly Pointe Blance and it takes 2, sometimes 3, coats so I wouldnt recommend that one either.

  3. Ok, you talked me into it. I'm buying some dotting tools.

  4. Adorable! What a cute (and easy) way to use dotting tools!

  5. So cute!! Just shows you can find quality polishes for cheap

    P.S. No I have not tried the nail decals yet... will report back :)

  6. That looks amazing! I've been waiting for my nail tools for WEEKS now, they need to get here stat so I can start doing cool things.

  7. I love the way the orange pops!!!! I need to bite the bullet and get dotters but I'm hoping to just find them in the USA in a store and not order them... womp. Ebay scares me! lol

  8. I got super similar dotting tools on amazon for under $5 including shipping. They are purple and black :) I love them!


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