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This week's Pinspiration:

Source: pshiiit.com via jennie on Pinterest

What I used:

Step 1: Two coats of For Audrey on all fingers except feature finger, which got two coats of Paper Mache.

Step 2: Wait for this polish to dry for at least two hours or it'll probably peel off (as I learned the hard way...grrr).

Step 3: Criss-Cross striping tape from top edge to bottom.

Step 4: One nail at a time (except feature), fill the bottom triangle with Man Hunt. The Pinspiration instructions said to use a dotting tool but that didn't work for me because the polish didn't go on very evenly. So, I used a smaller brush and that worked better. Not perfectly, but better.

Step 5: Remove the tape right away or the polish will peel (as I learned the hard way, again...double grrr).

Step 6: Fill sides of feature finger with For Audrey and bottom with Man Hunt.

Step 7: Remove tape right away.

Step 8: Let dry and then add a cute little gem on the feature finger where the points meet.

Step 9: Gob on the top coat so the gem stays on.

So, this mani was pretty labour intensive. Mostly because the freaking polish liked to ruin my life peel off. I love it, though and now that I've learned the tricks, would totally do it again. 

Thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. Oh wow! You again have outdone youself. I would never have the patience to finish this type of look off! However, you my girl, are awesome!

  2. This looks AWESOME Jennie! I love your addition of the rhinestones!

  3. Another gorgeous mani!! I look forward to seeing your nails each week. :)

  4. You always have the best nails! The little jewels are such a great touch.

  5. Oohh such a pretty design! I recently ordered some nail tape so hopefully I'll have it soon so I can try this design :)

  6. You seriously do the coolest things with your nails! I can barely paint them without getting polish all over the place :).

  7. love that we both used tape in our mani's this week! savior!

  8. I love your pinterest inspired manis. This one is great and I have some striping tape on its way to me. I'll keep something like this in mind for when it arrives.

  9. you are consistently more awesome than your pinspiration! love it!

  10. I always have such horrible luck with tape manis too :( Yours looks great though! All the work paid off :)


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