The Nail Files: Disco Zebra

Wohoo!! It's time for the first Nail Files post of 2013! TWENTY-THIRTEEN! Crazypants.

This week, I'm sharing my NYE manicure, inspired (yet again) by Pinterest.


Seems complicated? Rest assured, this is one of the easier nail art manis I've ever attempted! Seriously!

Here's what I used: 

One coat of Black Expressionism, one coat, down the middle of DS Coronation, followed by Frenzy. Then, random, swoopy stripes, alternating from one side to the other with White Rite Stripe.

I was most amazed with how well my right hand turned out! The random nature of the stripes meant that if it wasn't a perfect line, it didn't matter! WHY CAN'T ALL MANIS BE LIKE THAT? Haha! Originally, I wasn't going to add the extra coat of Frenzy but I gave it a go on my plastic nail circle and the pink and blue sparkles really made it pop, so onto my mani it went. It's a subtle addition but one that I think worked out pretty well.

The Pin calls this a Disco Tiger mani but I didn't like the black stripes, so I consider my interpretation to be more like a Disco Zebra (hence the title of this post). Depending, of course, if you think that Zebras are black with white stripes, or white with black stripes. Haha! (Oh Madagascar, how I love all of your movies--especially the Furby King. He's THE BEST!)

Happy Friday, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!