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I took a wee break from nail art this week and, instead, decided to try layering polishes. Usually, I just do one colour and then a sparkle but I thought that I'd up the ante, people.

Up The Ante!

Spoiler Alert: It turned out really well.

Here's what I used:

One coat of Grape Juice, followed by one coat of Ivy, and then Divine Swine. For the feature finger: one coat of Immortal, followed by one coat of Whirled Away, and then Collage Overlay.

Guuyyyyys. The combo of Grape Juice, Ivy, and Divine Swine is the most multidimensional colour I've ever seen. For reals. This is an UNTOUCHED photo, aside from the vignette around the edges. It's seriously that sparkly in real life and I'm in nail polish love.

As to the large sparkles in Whirled Away and Collage Overlay, it took two additional coats of top coat to not feel the edges, which basically means that my feature finger took TEN YEARS to dry. Okay, so it wasn't actually that long but it sure felt like it. That said, this mani didn't chip at all and considering the layers upon layers of polish, didn't take much of an effort to remove. 

All-in-all, a manicure success!! Haha!!

Happy Friday, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. Wow, they're gorgeous!

  2. Holy Sparkle Batman.. These came out great! What a great idea to layer, I never would of thought of that. I may have to try this too.. I heart Divine Swine!

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  4. Love all of the sparkles! Very nice color combos.

  5. This is amazing! I am seriously IN LOVE! :)

  6. Girl you are always so daring and adventerous. Of course it looks amazing. I'd never think to layer colors like that. Looks very spacey :)

  7. I love the sparkle! I love the color combo!! :)

  8. That's some major bling! Now you just need to find a party to show them off at! Good thing it's the weekend - speaking of which, have a lovely one ;)

  9. I have nail polish envy- you have such great glitters

  10. Awesome!!! I never really thought to layer nail polish except when I did galaxy nails which I loved. I want to try something called jelly nails where supposedly you wrap the color with other polishes. lol I need to look more into it but it looks cool :)

  11. These look so pretty together. I've seen the Grape juice before on a blog. I think I have to get it.


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