It's Been Confirmed. I'm a Great Kisser!

Errr...I mean, I can write a great kissing scene. No wait, I'm a good kisser but I can ALSO write a great kissing scene. 

How do I know?

*looks at trail of broken hearts* 

Haha, I kid, I kid.

Well, I know that I can write a great kissing scene because I've advanced to the finals of Cupid's Kissing Scene Contest! Wohoo!! 


So until Wednesday, you can head on over to Cupid's website to read my new and improved entry. Yeah, I know, it was steamy before (I actually also won the "Get a Room Award") but it's even steamier now! Totally safe for work, though (maybe). Haha!!

I'll find out on Thursday if I'm in the top three, which will get into the agent round of the Agent Blind Speed Dating Contest! So, keep your fingers crossed for me, kay?


  1. Hoowee!! Hot, hot, hot!

    That little kid doing the 'hells ya' dance is pretty awesome.


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