Second Try, Sealed With A Kiss

Bad News: I didn't get into the agent round for Cupid's Literary Connection Blind Speed Dating Competition.

Good News: There's another chance!


Because February is the month of love, the three authors who have the best kissing scenes will advance to the agent round of the Blind Speed Dating Contest. Yay!

First, a Kissing Expert has to award an author with the Write In The Kisser Award (haha) and then the top 10 kissing scenes will go up on Cupid's website, where three will advance to the agent round.

The first round, where the Write In The Kisser Award is given out, is a blog-hop format, which means that entrants post their best kissing scene on their blog, and then hop around to other blogs to scope out the competition. The really fun thing is that you can give out mini-awards of your own (but only Bouncers can award the Write In The Kisser Award). So fun!!

The mini-awards up for grabs are:

Sweetest kiss: Sugar Lips Award
Most embarrassing/funniest kiss: Color Me Red Award
Most intense/hottest kiss: Get a Room Award
Most romantic kiss: Swooning Award
Most loveable characters: Cutest Couple Award

Here's my entry!


Nina is a residential counsellor at a shelter for women escaping domestic abuse who has just started taking the law into her own hands. She's wrapping up her first, somewhat blind date with Megan, a nurse at the local hospital. Nina was thrilled to feel a connection with Megan, as the gay social scene in their small town is more of a puddle than a pool. Their dinner stretched out for hours and they closed the restaurant. Megan walks Nina to her car and... (told from Nina's first-person perspective)

The Scene:

I tentatively grazed the edge of her hand with my fingers, not sure what to do next. Megan shifted her weight to her heels, bringing her toes together. An innocent and adorable action that only made me crave her more.
Usually, I’m not one for public displays of affection but her soft hazel eyes bashfully beckoned me behind their long lashes and I was unable to resist. I reached up to feel the smoothness of her skin along her jaw—tracing the line until I reached her chin, lifting her face to mine.
God, I want you.
Megan smelled like springtime and her breath was warm against my cheek as she nuzzled into my touch, but she didn’t make the next move, drawing out the moment and making me second-guess the amazing connection I thought we had.
My heart pounded. I didn’t know how else to make my intentions clear but mercifully, she relented. Moving in silent synchronicity, our lips brushed against each other, moving from one side to the other but not making more than the briefest of contact.
No way. That’s not enough.
Not able to wait a moment longer, I let go of her hand and cupped the back of her long neck, leaving her no other choice but to kiss me. Hard. She tasted like sweet coffee, with only the slightest hint of chocolate from our shared dessert. But there was something else too. Fresh and cool, like spearmint. I wanted more. A lot more.
Megan pulled away and I was left speechless, unable to think and barely able to move. My tingling toes let me know that I was still on the ground but my head felt like it had escaped from my body.
From the glazed look in Megan’s eyes, she felt the same way. “I only live a few blocks away,” she whispered into my ear, barely touching my forearm with the back of her hand, moving it up to my elbow and then down.
I smiled and said the only thing that made sense. “Lead the way.”

Good luck, everyone! 



  1. Good luck getting into the next Cupid round. Hopefully you'll make it this time.

    Okay, technically this wasn't a part of your scene, but I like how you wrote this: as the gay social scene in their small town is more of a puddle than a pool. That's a great line too. Do you have it in your ms somwhere?

  2. I really like the imagery here and I could totally see what was happening. I love Megan pulling away and leaving Nina just completely stunned.

    Really the only thing I can think of is super nitpicky (which is a good thing when a critter can only think of nitpicky things!) but when you say "From the glazed look in Megan's softened eyes..." I would knock out the softened. Glazed was enough description for me and the "softened" threw me when I hit it.

    Good luck!

    ~Mandy (entry #28)

  3. First of all, those GIFs are awesome! They made me snort. So did the "puddle not pond" bit in the set up.

    Now to the scene:

    I think you did an awesome job of describing what was happening as well as giving us the character's emotions. Nina came across as a little aggressive to me which isn't a bad thing. She just seemed to be really into the Megan and wanted Megan to know it.

    The only line that really caught me up was in the beginning. The line "Megan shifted her weight to her heels, bringing her toes together and slightly bending one knee..." gave me a little trouble. I had a hard time picturing it which made the next line not make a lot of sense to me.

    Everything else is really easy to visualize and I loved all the little details we got like Megan tasting like "coffee and chocolate from the shared dessert".

    Thanks so much for sharing it and making me smile!

    -Amber (#41)
    My Kissing Scene

  4. Love the gifs!

    This is a great scene. I agree with Megan about the eyes thing, but overall thought this was very well done. I also love that it's a F/F romance!

    Larissa (#47)

  5. Love! I love how intense Nina is and I swear I could taste the coffee/chocolate/mint combo . . . :)I also thought Nina's thoughts in italics added a lot to the scene. I only wish there was more description of the feeling of the kiss to go along with the taste. But that's just my opinion!

    Awesome job, good luck! :) Check out my scene! I'd love to get your feedback.

    Jessie (#32)

  6. Great scene! I agree with the other commenters on ditching the "softened" in the eyes description, and I got a little messed up with the same line as Amber did with Megan's shifting weight and toe action. But those are minor things. You can't help but feel the emotions of this scene and do jumpy-claps when Megan says her place is nearby!

    Good luck!

  7. "No way, that's not enough." Whoa! Hot! I'd say this entry is a contender for the Get A Room award :)

    I'm chiming in to say I agree that "softened eyes" might not be the imagery you were going for, and I also agree that the description of Megan's pose at the beginning of the scene is confusing and pulls me out of the story.
    Best of luck!
    Melonie (kiss #29)

  8. haha, love the real housewives in the intro :)

    I agree with one of the posters above about the way you detailed your descriptions about the tastes. It made it very real. And I like how you ended it too...with those few words you know these two are about to have a good time, LOL.
    Great job!

    Jessica #42

  9. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! As they've been quite consistent, I've revised my scene. Please know that if you don't have a registered email through Blogger, I can't reply personally to you (my template doesn't allow for individual responses) but that doesn't mean I don't REALLY appreciate your time and insight! :)

  10. This just in from a "Kissing Expert!" Yo, Get a Room Award! You had me with the chocolate from the shared dessert. *fans face*

    Annnnnnd, badda, badda, boom, boom (you've skipped past this part already, haven't you?) theeeeeeeee Write in the Kisser Award!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Nina's character - I swear, I wouldn't want to be any of those domestic abusers.

    Congratulations on moving to the next round!

  11. Wow this is a fantastic scene! You have so many descriptions I can't even point them all out.

    Congrats on your move to the next round! Well deserved

    Jamie (entry #3)


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