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I'm out of town right now and I forgot to take a picture of the polishes I used before I left, so all you get this week is a picture of my mani!


On to the mani:

There were a few steps for this one:

1. Two coats of ORLY Snowcone.

2. Let dry.

3. Place striping tape on nails in a diagonal line. (If your nails aren't dry, this will end badly for you. Trust me.)

4. One coat of Julep Rebel on upper part of nails and one coat of Julep Felicity on upper part of feature nail.

5. One coat of China Glaze Bling It On on upper part of nails and one coat of Razzle Me Dazzle Me on feature nail. (Both of these polishes are from CG's Glitz Collection, which is amazeballs.)

6. Peel off striping tape because it'll be covered in nail polish (except if you're super careful, which...err...I am not).

7. Let dry.

8. Put on silver striping tape to cover up any mishaps where the previous striping tape was. (Again, it's super important to let your nails dry or the tape won't stick well.)

9. Two coats of Julep Polymer Top Coat to seal everything.

I REALLY love the China Glaze Glitz Collection even though I didn't win the contest to get them for free (not that I'm still bitter...okay, maybe it still smarts). There's so much going on with them that it's difficult to describe but what really sets it apart from other glitters is the amount of black sparkles and bits, which makes for a very deep and sophisticated glitter polish, in my opinion (which really just means that I think everyone should get some, like, right now). Haha!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. LOVE it! I really like the Bling it on with the blue!

  2. Seriously another fantastic job! Love the dimension of color on the tips. Plus the blue is so springy feeling. Love it.

  3. whoa those glitter/sparkles/flakey things look so pretty!

  4. Hello I love it!!! You totally Rocked the Nail art this week.. WOW! I wish my nails where long enough to create something like this.

  5. that looks so awesome. is it hard being so awesome all the time?

  6. lol ooooh Kim....

    Ooh this mani looks super fancy!

  7. I love love love the striping tape. I need to pick up some!


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