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Earlier this week, I was going through my Instagram feed when I saw a GORGEOUS polish in Holly's account. I'm a massive fan of Sinful Color's Frenzy and the OPI polishes she got from the Euro Centrale collection had a to-the-max version of it so, naturally, I ran out of the house in my dressing gown to drive to my nearest Avalon decided that I needed it. And boy oh boy, was that an awesome decision.

It's called Polka.com and it's the bomb(.com) The other two are staples: Man Hunt and Don't You Lilac It?

Two coats of Man Hunt and Don't You Lilac It? and then one coat of my new obsession Polka.com.

Now, I'm not sure if Polka.com is the kind of polish that could be used without a coloured base, even with a ka-zillion coats, but I don't care. Next time, I may do a coat of Frenzy underneath because the mini sparkles are much denser but even with the sparse mini sparkles, Polka.com has all of my favourite colours and the teal is so pretty that it brings a theoretical tear to my eye whenever it catches the light.

Happy Friday, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


  1. Shuttup ... this is gorgeous! If I even become a billionaire I am hiring you to be my personal manicurist and I will fly you to NYC once a week to do my nails LOL :-P

  2. Yes, you can use Polka.com by itself without a colored base. I was working in the salon at JC Penney (but now I've moved to the floor, sadsad), and we're selling the new Euro Centrale line. One of my friends in the salon bought the Polka.com and had it on her nails alone. It was probably a few coats, but it looked great!

  3. love the OPI Lilac- I have been looking for a color like that!

  4. Very pretty! I need to mix more colors... been boring lately :/

  5. Reading from The Nail Files linkup: I love that color combo! I may have to try something similar!

    I hope to see more from you! =)

    Sending you sunshine,


  6. love it! gorgeous colors!
    Just stopping by for the link-up :)

  7. I love this!!! That looks great over that Blue color WOW!!! I bet you could wear it alone, it'd be a bitch to get off though Ha Ha.. You always put together the greatest combos!


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