Diet Coke Detox

I drink a lot of Diet Coke. To be specific, I drink a lot of Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. Yeah, I get it, without the caffeine there really isn't much point in drinking it but I love the taste.

Repeat: I love the taste.

However, it's just not good for you as the aspartame and sodium levels are super high. I've let my mass consumption of the fairly poisonous liquid slide for a while because it's pretty much my only vice left but when The Remix and I decided to do a Happypants Health Challenge (where The Remix and I eat clean and exercise for 30 days) I figured that I'd try to give up the bubbly delight as well. 

Oh, and we adopted "The Happypants" as our family name because I kept my last name after we got married. Who knows though, perhaps some day, we'll change it legally (haha, I kid, I kid...maybe. It'd be pretty funny, really).

Here's a gif representation of my first week participating in The Happypants Health Challenge:

Day One:

It was a horrendous rocky first day, but as much as I wanted to bail, I stayed strong.

Day Two:

Like, really, really bad. I was craving sugar and Diet Coke like a crazed person.

Day Three:

Me post-Thanksgiving.
Oh man. The exercise was mega-tiring. Each minute felt like an hour and I so wanted to quit. I didn't...but I suuuuuuure thought about it. 

Day Four:

The troll, in this instance, would be The Remix. No, it wasn't the nicest thing to say but I apologized later and, the most important thing, is that he didn't give me any. We had salad with tuna instead.

Day Five:

This was officially the worst day ever. I don't even know the last time I was so fuckin' cranky, although it was more like cr-angry (a combination of cranky and angry) as I hated the entire world, albeit mostly things that were food and/or Diet Coke related (you'd be surprised just how many things that entailed).

But then, it FINALLY started to get better...

Day Six:

Much to my surprise, the exercise didn't seem as hard on Day Six. I even went for the "long walk" with the dogs and felt great afterwards!

Day Seven:

And then, just yesterday, it seems that I entered an eating-clean-food-groove as I was actually looking forward to cutting up veggies for our salad supper! 

Now it's Day Eight of the Happypants Health Challenge and I can safely say that my cravings for Diet Coke are all but gone. That's not to say that they won't come back, but for now, they've abated. Thank freaking Jebus as last week was one of the longest of my life. My hope is that at the end of the 30 days, I won't return to my Diet Coke Dependency. Truth-be-told, I'll probably have to extend the lock-down for at least another 30 days as I don't trust myself to drink it in moderation (ummm...addict, much?). 

21 days to go! I can't WAIT until I fit into my favourite jeans again. I've missed them!


  1. Great job. I have quit Diet Pepsi...for the most part. I was getting headaches and I wasn't sure if I was having withdrawals or what. It's just soooo good. If I ever have one, I say "ahhhhh" out loud when I take my first sip. MMMM. Anyway, your Reality Show clips got my attention, I love them:)

  2. Great post with all the clips, hah! Good for you; you can do it. I cut out soda a while back and now I can't even really stand to drink it, it's just too sweet for me and I was a diet soda girl no regular stuff for me and even that's too sweet these days. Stay strong!

  3. OMG you are so brave..idol! I'm so afraid of attempting this because I get super "hangry"...angry because I'm hungry. I will be boyfriend-less, kitten-less, friend-less, job-less and everything else LESS if I try this. Maybe for one week though...

  4. This was one of my goals this year and have totally failed but maybe seeing you do it will re-inspire me!

  5. Good for you! Sounds like the worst part is over :)


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