The Nail Files: Getting Whirled Away

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Last week, I was at the Writer's Digest Conference (East), which was so much fun that I still haven't quite recovered. As I knew I'd be meeting fellow writers, and agents, I thought very carefully about how I'd paint my nails (obviously). After careful consideration, I came up with what I believed to be a fantastic combo. Not too much, but enough pizazz to make me happy.

And then, the WORST THING OF ALL TIME HAPPENED! When I collected my bag from the first of two flights needed to get to NYC, three nails chipped. 


I was HORRIFIED (and super pissed at the Julep Polymer Top Coat--never again) but since I'd been smart enough to pack a little bit or remover, I knew that I could redo the three nails once I got to the hotel. But, when I opened my bag, I saw that a different bottle of top coat--my fave, China Glaze Patent Leather--had broken and the clear polish had coated all of the other bottles in the bag! In a panic, I took the other bottles out, which is when I realized that ALL of my nails had been covered in not-evenly-brushed topcoat!

So now I had NO topcoat and just enough remover to take off my polish. Since I had packed neon polishes, and they NEEDED a top coat, I had no choice but to go to NYC with naked nails.

Naked Nails, people! It was a DISASTER!!

Anyway, I got through the conference without anyone noticing that I was in the nude, so-to-speak, and returned home on Monday. Obviously, I painted them on Tuesday so everything's all right with the world now. 

I did take a picture of the Mani That Was Never Seen, though, and here it is:

I know, right? It's so cute!

Since I first used Whirled Away, I've become somewhat obsessed, so I gave it yet another whirl (whomp, whomp...haha!).

Here's what I came up with:

And here's what I used for both:

Flying Dragon and Celtic Sun for the first, and La Vida Loca and Skinny Dip for the second. Both used Whirled Away for the accent nails.

It's kind of funny because I thought that Flying Dragon and La Vida Loca were almost the same pink, but they go on much differently. And even though I never got to show off my cute mani in NYC, at least I'm sharing it with the world now!

Happy Friday, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!