The Nail Files: Banging Out a Butterfly

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I've seen butterflies on Pinterest for a while, so I figured that I'd give it a go because butterflies are pretty and...well...I like pretty nails. Haha!

What I used this week:

The Mani:

The Pic-torial:

Step 1: Two coats of Gumdrop, dried completely.

Step 2: Drop blobs of Gumdrop and Turned Up Turquoise onto a piece of paper so they touch each other. This is important. If they don't touch, you'll have a harder time blending them.

Step 3: Using the thinnest end of the sponge (I find it works the best), dab the polish on the upper half of your nail. When dry, drop a blob of Turned Up Turquoise alone, pick it up with the sponge, and dab on the upper third of your nail (for a more dramatic look). This step is where you'll know if your base coat was, in fact, totally dry. If it wasn't, then after a few dabs of the sponge, you'll lift up chunks of the base coat, which will leave you with hole-like problems (which is exactly what happened to me...twice--you can see one in the top right of this picture). You've been warned. ;)

Step 4: Add a little sparkle with Mermaid Tale.

Step 5: Paint a black half-circle on the bottom corner of your nail. Sweeping up and to the side, create three, evenly spaced lines. Fill in the edges so each of the "wings" has a rounded top.

Step 6: With a small dotting tool, add a few white dots to the filled-in black section. (Also, I filled in a little more sparkle so it reached the bottom half-circle.)

Then all you need to do is clean up your skin and add a top coat!

I have to say that I think this is one of the prettiest manis ever. I know that I have a tendency to say that a lot, but while my nails were all butterfly-y, I noticed that I was spending a considerable amount of time just staring at them (which wasn't the best move while driving, haha). The fade is so pretty and the sparkles really take everything to the next level. And originally, I used one grey on the rest of my fingers, but it looked boring, so I added a darker shade to make a soft gradient.

This is definitely a design that I'll do again, maybe even on my toes!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


The Guinea Pig Diaries: I'm A Dropout

Ever have one of those posts that you sooooooo don’t want to write? One that you draft a million times because you can’t quite say everything you want to say without babbling on like a fourteen-year-old girl who’s drunk off of lemon gin for the first time? Well, this post is one of those, so you have my apologies in advance.

Maybe it will be easier to start at the end and work back. It’s an unusual presentation, I get it, but let’s give it a go, shall we? Okay, here’s the end (that you probably already know from the title of this post): I’m no longer a human guinea pig.

I know that a few of you have probably noticed it’s been a long time since I’ve done a Guinea Pig Diary post and that’s because…well…things got bad. Way bad. The baddest, actually. For most people, no news means good news but for me, no news often means bad news. It wasn’t my breathing that got worse—that was fine—but I kind of went a little bit crazy. And by little bit, I mean batshit.

The best analogy I can give you is this: Picture a brightly lit room. Everything’s bright, happy, and normal. A few days later, the brightly lit room is a bit darker. Nothing drastic, mind you, and really, you probably wouldn’t even notice unless you tried to read a book. Eventually, though, the room goes completely black and you can’t see your hand in front of your face and you don't remember what the light looks like. Only, imagine your hand as your sanity and that’s pretty much what happened to me. Sad things were sadder, irritating things were more irritating, my road rage got super intense, I became consumed with what others thought of me to a point that it bordered on total paranoia, and I was getting so angry at Ernie (the study's Palm Pilot) that I would get physically warm whenever he sounded his alarm.

Not exactly fun times, to say the least. 

Now, it's not new information that I don’t do well on Prednisone, or The Big P, as I like to call it. I’m one of the unlucky ones who seems to get virtually all of the psychological side-effects, and obviously, the more medication I’d take, the more intense the side-effects would be. Eventually, in November of 2011, my breathing randomly got worse and I was taking so much of The Big P that my doctors felt it was a good idea to switch me to Medrol, which is similar to The Big P but…well…also a tad bit different. Within a month, I was back to my usual self, and the following year was pretty awesome. I was able to hang out with friends, play golf, and almost act like a regular healthy person. In essence: life was good.

When I got my Guinea Pig Status, though, I had to switch back to the Prednisone. I knew that it was risky, but the chance of getting a new drug that could eventually me get off ALL steroids was worth it. And in the beginning, things were going well. But in late March, everything fell apart faster than an IKEA chest of drawers.  

First, I got a cold. A week later, I had an outbreak of Shingles (my second as an adult). Then, my breathing got bad. Way bad. I had a trip planned to NYC for the Writer’s Digest Conference, so we jacked up my Prednisone dose so I’d be okay to go. The good news is that I was so fucking wired that I was buzzing around the conference like an over-caffinated bee. The bad news is that I chalked it up to being excited and didn’t recognize that I was, in fact, halfway through my campaign for becoming the new mayor of Crazy Town.

It would be another two weeks until it was obvious to me that things were bad. And that breaking point was my hysterical crying over a dog. No, not one of mine—a neighbour’s dog. You see, we have a pair of Schnauzers who live behind us and when their owners forget to put on their collars, they like to come over and play with our boys. Well, one morning, only one dog came over. For the better part of ten minutes, I stared at the dog as she ran around our backyard. My mind whirled as I thought about what could have happened to the other dog. Did she not want to come over anymore? Had something happened to her? Was she sick? Hurt? Scared? Before too long, I was in tears because I had convinced myself that the other dog had died, which meant that the surviving dog would be lonely for the rest of her life. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day sporadically crying about the dog and, when The Remix came home, he took one look at my swollen, splotchy face and said: “Fuck this. You need to call your doctor.”

As soon as he said that, everything changed. As a trained counselor, I know how to check myself and as our conversation progressed, I was devastated to learn that I’d been acting incredibly erratically for weeks, but hadn’t noticed. Accepting that I wasn’t in control of my body was one of the more challenging elements of my illness, and realizing that I had also lost control of my mind was more than I could handle. Like I said earlier, it was a bad time, people. A really bad time.

So, I called the research team and asked them if I could switch back to the Medrol. At first, it didn't go so well.

Even though, I knew that I wasn’t interpreting reality in a rational way, it didn't stop me from having extreme reactions to what the doctors said. For instance, when one said: "Well, there are only eight weeks left in the study," all I heard was: "You’re an incredible disappointment and why can’t you keep your shit together for such a short amount of time, you ridiculous, dramatic, baby." If you know me at all, you know that I'm assertive, so it took all of my self-control to not tell everyone to just fuck off because those 56 days may very well have been 56 years as each minute of my day felt like an hour and I needed it all to stop. But luckily, since I know that I'm not prone to wanting to face-stab people on the regular, I had enough self-control left to bite my tongue.

Several tear-filled, rage-suppressing conversations later, the pharmaceutical company ultimately decided that if I wanted to stay in the study, I needed to stay within the study parameters and therefore, continue to take the Prednisone. I must admit that I was pretty shocked but the reality of the situation is that, as far as the pharmaceutical company was concerned, I was just a number. They didn't care that I was in a state of crisis and doing things to cope that weren’t in my best interest. Nope, not one tiny bit. But, their unwavering decision made it much easier for me to leave the study because if they didn't care about me then I sure as hell wasn't going to try to struggle through anymore. I have more value than that. 

It’s now been about a month since I made that decision and let me tell you, was it ever a good idea. I have an incredible medical team, who I know care about me, so the fact that I was feeling that they were all against me is a testament to just how bonkers I was. And, to prepare myself for the inevitable "what ifs," which were sure to come once I was back to normal, I wrote myself a letter while I was still in the midst of my meltdown and when I read it now, it totally confirms the fact that I was crazy.

So, in sum, I’d like to give mad props to The Remix, for continuing to love me despite me having one foot firmly planted in the loony bin. As much as this has all sucked for me, it's sucked even more for him because he has to watch me go through everything, while dealing with my pseudo-psychotic mood swings. So really, the end of this story is that I feel incredibly grateful that he's by my side, no matter what. I'm a very lucky lady. 

Hopefully, the new drug will be on the market around September of 2014, so until then, I'll go back to my daily routine, which is a hell of a lot easier now that I'm not a lunatic. Yes, a part of me wishes that I could have made it to the end, but it just wasn't in the cards. 

There is a bit of a silver lining to this all, though (you saw that one coming, right?). I figured that since I dropped out, I forfeited the meagre amount of participation money the pharmaceutical company was giving me but it turns out, I still get some! My cheque arrived last week, and I've been scouring the internet to buy myself something awesome--a treat that will turn all of this grossness into something pretty. I found love with a Kate Spade purse (shocker) but it's sold out in Canada (and the website doesn't ship up here) so I'm back to square one. The amount I have to burn is just over $300 and since I can't find anything that I just HAVE to have, I'm open to suggestions. I'm partial to shiny things, fun and quirky handbags, and other generally awesome stuff that borders on "I can't believe someone actually made this crap." 

The floor is now yours, my friends. 

(Oh, and just in case you're wondering about the presumed-dead Schnauzer, the first Saturday I was back on the Medrol, she appeared on our front lawn, very much alive.) 


Exaggerated Journalism Says What?

About a week and a half ago, my Brother-From-Another-Mother (re: Brother-In-Law) flew from Toronto to Freddy to help celebrate The Remix's birthday. He does it every year, and it always adds an awesome element to whatever we end up doing for the weekend. Usually, the hour-and-forty-minute flight is pretty uneventful because there isn't much that can go wrong during such a short jaunt. However, this time, there was a bit of a snag.

Around the time that my BFAM was scheduled to take off, I got this FB message:

Naturally, I was left with several questions, with the primary ones being: Why are you standing on the tarmac and what the hell do you mean that you're getting on a bus? 

Then, I moseyed on over to his page to see the picture he was talking about:

Holy crap on a cracker, right?

Turns out, the wheel totally exploded while they were taxi-ing to the runway for take-off. A bit even hit my BFAM's window, which would pretty much be the scariest thing of all time. But, since this was a plane packed with mostly Maritimers, everyone was quite civilized about it. 

They de-planed in an orderly fashion, waited for the bus, went back to the terminal, were given vouchers for supper, and then boarded another plan about an hour later. Round Two of Take-off went much better, and everyone arrived unscathed. 

A few days later, I was at a gas station when a headline in our local paper caught my attention:

Does that picture look familiar? Yes, ladies and gents, this is the same flight that my BFAM was on and I hate to be a Picky Peggy, but in order to "survive" something, don't other people need to...well...NOT survive? And they didn't even get into the air, so really, it was more of a "taxi-ing scare" although I'll admit that it doesn't quite have the same ring to it. That said, I still bought the paper and will send my BFAM a copy because it's not every day that you're told--a week later--that you almost died. 

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you can't trust everything you see in the news. Also, Maritimers will forgive just about anything if it means free food. 


The Nail Files: Colourful Cosby Sweater

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Hello there, Nail Filers! IT'S FRIDAY! YAY!!

This week, I went off the map. And by that, I mean that instead of having a Pin inspire my mani, I just kinda winged it. Because the weather here has been all about the rain, I thought I'd brighten things up a bit and use a whole bunch of neons all at once. I've had some commenters ask me to make tutorials, so this week is also my first stab at that. I hope that it's helpful! 

Here's what I used:

Here's the mani:

Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Three coats of Celtic Sun (I know, it'll take forever to dry but it's the only way to get good coverage).

Step 2: Using a thin brush, stripe on some 15 Minutes of Frame.

Step 3: Add some stripes of Warhol Wannabe.

Step 4: You guessed it, more stripes with Mayhem Mentality.

Step 5: Last bit of striping with Creative Fantasy.

Step 6: A nice gob of top coat to seal all the colours and make the nail less bumpy feeling. Then, all you need to do is clean up the polish that gets on your skin.

A very simple and easy mani, really, considering that it's all freehand with no particular design. I think that the end result looks like a neon Cosby sweater. Jello-O, anyone? Haha!!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!


And The Winner Is...

By random draw:

Congrats, Julie! 

Again, thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Kérastase for donating the bottle!


Happy High-Five-A-Versary, To Us!

As hard as it is for me to wrap my brain around it, I've been a Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady for five years.

Five. Years.

That's a whole hand, people! Which is why we're calling it our High-Five-A-Versary.

It's only 9am and my hand is already sore as we've decided to high-five every time we see each other today.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, exactly 1,825 days ago, we were in St. Lucia.

*nostalgic sigh*

It was a pretty awesome day, from what I can remember (because it's been so long, haha). One that started at the spa, and then ended in an Italian restaurant at the top of a cliff (with a little ceremony in between to make things official). It was ballin', to say the least. And in honour of our High-Five-A-Versary, here are some pictures of the day:

As I said, all the ladies got manis and pedis at the spa. If you'll notice my MIL's feet (she's wearing the pink capris) you'll see these amazing flip-flops that my Mum got everyone--they're sticky on the sole, so you don't mess up your pedicure! And if you can believe it or not, they're reusable! I STILL have mine!  I wouldn't recommend wearing them on the beach, due to the sand situation, but that's really their only logistical problem.

 The spa also had mimosas, which we took full advantage of, obviously. 

There were these cute signs all over the resort, and since we were the only wedding that day, our names were on all of them!

The Remix, looking super hot in his suit. But he didn't feel super hot, because it was linen. Granted, it meant he couldn't sit down for fear of intense wrinkles, but the coolness was worth it.

I love this picture. In the sequence before this one, you can see just how far down my Dad and me had to crouch to actually walk under the flowers. Clearly, the arch wasn't made for tall people. 

I really love how bright my bouquet was. And it turns out we actually saw the guy cutting them earlier in the day but didn't make the connection until later.

Not only did we use this area as a post-wedding-photo-op, but we also had dinner in the gazebo during our honeymoon. 

Fave wedding shot #1

Fave Wedding Shot #2

Everyone who came with us. It was a funny coincidence that both of our mothers ended up wearing orange (MIL is behind The Remix while my Mum's standing behind me).

And speaking of mothers, this is the cutest shot ever of The Remix and his Mom.

Here's me and my Mum and behind us, you can really see how cove-y and private the beach was. It was such a cool spot, and wedding-friendly because there weren't many "passer-by" situations (read: randoms in banana hammocks).

 This was waiting for us when we got back to our room and nothing says: "Let's get it on," quite like balloons tied to the bed. 

This sure was cute, though.

Just lounging in our pool the next morning, waiting for breakfast to be delivered. Oh yeah, didn't I mention that our room had its own pool? That we could jump into from our bedroom? It was totally the best vacation ever.

Happy High-Five-A-Versary, babe! Can't wait for our Double-High-Five! Love you!


The Nail Files: Purple Flower Power

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My Take:

Two coats of Finger Paints' Sparkle and Snowflake to start.

Then I used Julep's Eden and a thin nail art brush to outline the flowers. ORLY's Harmonious Mess filled in the rest of the flower and Finger Paint's Paper Mâché for the centre. With a even thinner brush, I did the centre lines in Eden and then got a small dotting tool for the specks. 

Originally, my other nails didn't have any details but they looked naked, so I added dots of Eden and Paper Mâché to bring everything together.

I just LOVE how insanely sparkly the base coat is. When the light hits it, it's like: WHOA! NOW THAT'S SOME SPARKLE! I really wanted to have the brush strokes from the Pinspiration picture but as much as I tried, I just couldn't make them line-y and not blob-y. Oh well! Haha!

Happy Friday, everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting! 

Unrelated Side Note: Click here to enter my giveaway for a bottle of Initialiste by Kérastase, which has totally transformed my hair!


I'm A Flake But It's Totally My iPhone's Fault

When cell phones first came out (yes, I'm old enough to remember that), I was all about them. I got my first one when I was 16 and was obsessed with it until I went away to university. This was pre-texting and pre-smartphone, of course, so all I could do was talk on it but still, it was awesome and I loved it. For the next 13 years, I'd occasionally have a cell phone but it wasn't a number that I gave out often as I liked the idea of always being able to call someone if I needed to but was not a fan of people having that kind of access to me (I get the hypocrisy). Eventually, I got calls about upgrade programs to smartphones but always scoffed at them because, for me, all I needed was the phone as I spend the majority of my time at home and can surf the net on my laptop. 

Well, that all changed when my phone died (it lived an extremely long life so there was no need to mourn) and I was told that the only phones available had at least one other feature aside from just being a phone, like a camera or smart-phone capabilities. The guy in the store could hardly believe my resistance to anything un-phone-like.

To make a longer story shorter, I ended up leaving with an iPhone because my carrier gave it to me for free for my loyalty, which was awesome because there was no way I would have spent the money on it otherwise. This happened just around the time that I'd started blogging and Tweeting, and the sales guy said that I could link up accounts so my phone would notify me if anything new happened. Again, I didn't quite get the big deal, but he set it all up before I left. 

It didn't take long for me to become a total iPhone addict. And by "long," I'm referring to the amount of time it took to walk back to my car. 

But there's a problem with that, you see...a BIG problem. 

Here's a reenactment of said problem:

*phone chimes*

Oh goody! A notification!

*looks at phone* *sees that it's an email* *reads email*

HAHA!! Man I have funny friends! That email was HILARIOUS!

*begins typing response* *deletes word because of autocorrect fail* *types* *deletes word because of mistype due to large fingers* *types* *deletes word* *types* *curses and flails arms* *deletes word* 

Arg!! Why is this touchscreen so sensitive? I'll just write back when I get to my computer.

*approximately one thousand years pass*

CRAP! Wasn't I supposed to write back to someone? Who was it? WHEN was it?

*checks email*

TWO WEEKS AGO? Oh Jennie, you're such a flake. Fail. Total and utter fail.

The worst part is that I KNOW I have a tendency to do this but it still happens! Now, I could just pretend that I didn't read the email until the day I finally respond but my fear is that people have one of those programs that tells them when you open their email so they'll know I'm a big fat liar. So the only thing I can do is just apologize for my flakiness in the first line and then get on with it. The problem is that I seem to start EVERY email with that apology! Obviously, it's entirely the iPhone's fault but I'm the one who's left looking flakier than a fresh-from-the-oven croissant. And as the French would say, that le sucks.^

^Note: That's not actual French. 

Anyone else have this problem or am I the only flake out there?

And there's still time to enter my giveaway for a bottle of Initialiste by Kérastase. It's the best hair treatment I've ever used!


Diet Coke Detox, Complete!

About 31 days ago, I was drinking a serious amount of Diet Coke. I'm not even going to tell you how much because it's kind of embarrassing, but rest assured that it was totally excessive and bordering on gross.

This is pretty much what I was like, only I would be smiling.

So, 30 days ago, I (along with The Remix) decided that we'd try to go a month without drinking soda of any kind. With squinty-eyed determination, we made a big chalkboard countdown in our main floor bathroom for motivation and cleaned out our stash (yes, I had a stash -- buying mass amounts when it was on sale and the hoarding it in every available space in the kitchen). 

The countdown almost took up almost the entire wall. I called it: In Your Face Motivation. Haha!

At first, I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to do it and there were a few times I even dreamed about Diet Coke. Yeah, I know, it's totally sad. But, seeing that giant chalkboard really kept me focused and soon, we'd made it to the halfway point. I'll admit that I got a little bored of water around that time so I picked up some iced tea Crystal Light. Yes, there's some aspartame in that but no sodium, so I figured that an occasional glass would be okay as the focus of the 30 days was no soda. 

And I'm delighted to report that as of today, we completed our goal! 30 whole days with absolutely no soda of any kind!

You best believe we be shaking it to celebrate.

Truth be told, our ultimate goal was to stop drinking soda forever, but to go from having it all the time to suddenly NEVER drinking it was too intense of a concept, hence our 30-day countdown. And now that we've reached the end, I feel comfortable saying that I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. For me, drinking even a little Diet Coke could spurn a total relapse so although I'd like to say that I could have it occasionally, I know that probably wouldn't be the best bet for me. So, really, the only option is to remain a Diet Coke Free Zone. 
I should order this on a canvas or something and put it up in my house. Haha!!

How do you feel about soda? Is it something you can have in moderation or are you a (former) addict, like me?

And in a completely unrelated subject, have you entered my giveaway for a bottle of Initialiste by Kérastase? If you have thin, dry, breakable hair, this is something you'll absolutely want to try!


Big Hair, Big Giveaway

I have three pieces of hair. Okay, so maybe it's more like five, but still, that's not a lot of hair. Not even that, but it's thin, or "fine" as some like to say, which really is just a nice way of saying "barely existent." And it's only gotten worse since I've taken daily steroids. So, naturally, I've tried just about every hair boosting product I've been able to get my hands on but, alas, none have done much.

Until now.

About six-ish weeks ago, I was on my way to the Writer's Digest Conference East, and was quite concerned over the state of my hair because it was a strange hybrid of a mullet and a bob. Luckily, I have a wonderfully-talented pal named Vesta (yes, Vesta) who not only makes me laugh like no one else, but also happens to be a hair stylist. It required a bit of a road trip, but since I have yet to find a fantastic stylist in Fredericton after living here for FOUR YEARS (*headdesk*), it was worth the drive. So the day before I flew to NYC, I landed in Toronto, rented a car, and made my way to Salon Cyan in London, Ontario. It was my first time going to the salon, but from Vesta's descriptions, I was in for a treat. And man oh man, was she ever right.

So cool, right? I freaking love me some interior brick walls and they're on both sides!

The waiting area, with products and a big, shiny ball light that I kind of wanted to touch (but didn't).

These chairs are ah-mazing. They have massagers in them, and the rollers border on affair-like with their placement in certain locations (I'll give you a second to think about what that means...haha).

Between chatting and laughing, Vesta managed to eliminate my bob-let and dye my hair the richest dark brown ever. Seriously. Best. Colour. Ever. 

I heart Vesta. If you're ever in London and need your hair did, you really should go to Salon Cyan. It's basically the coolest place ever.

After she was finished, she told me about a new product called Initialiste by Kérastase, which is supposed to improve your hair four ways: Strength, Shine, Softness, and Substance. 

With a cocked eyebrow, I was all: "Oh, so basically this stuff is going to turn my breakable, dull, frizzy-ended, thin hair into a mane that would make Brooke Shields jealous?"

Vesta, with an equally cocked eyebrow, was all: "Stop being an ass. I swear that this stuff works. Just shut up and try it."

(you can see why we're such good friends)

I took the bottle when I left, went to NYC, and started using it. Within a week, much to my disbelief, my hair was incredibly shiny and a whole lot smoother. By week three, I noticed that I was starting to get crazy volume without using any products, and now, almost six weeks later, I can't believe how totally fabulous my hair looks! 

It's a miracle, people. A FREAKING MIRACLE! Look how much higher my hair is! And that's with NO additional products! Plus, it's soooooo soft, and I swear that it's thicker.

I wrote an email to Kérastase, telling them how I was planning on writing a review on Initialiste because EVERYONE needs to know how awesome it is, and a wonderful woman in the Kérastase PR department sent me a bottle to give away!

Here's the actual bottle you'll be getting. 

I know that a lot of women have hair problems similar to mine so I'm beyond delighted to be able to pay it forward. The giveaway will be open to residents of Canada and the US (sorry to other peeps) and will end Monday of next week, at midnight. A bottle costs about $60, so this is a great way to try it out before investing the dough. I hope that it works for you as great as it works for me! Big thanks go out to Salon Cyan, for first giving me this amazing product, and to Kérastase, for donating this bottle.


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Book Club Friday: Where We Belong

It’s been a long time since I read SOMETHING BORROWED and SOMETHING BLUE, and WHERE WE BELONG reminded me why Ms. Giffin is one of my favourite authors. This was a wonderful, feel-good kind of read, and it’s been a while since I’ve read something of a similar tone. Like other women’s fiction heavyweights, Ms. Giffin’s prose is almost rhythmical, but she manages to tell a heartwarming story without making me bawl my face off (which is great as I’ve started wearing mascara again and it stings my poor eyeballs when it’s all runny).

There are two great points of view in WHERE WE BELONG: Kirby, an eighteen-year-old soon-to-be-high-school-graduate who finds her birth mother and Marian, a thirty-six-year-old high-faluting TV producer who is also said birth mother. 

Here’s what makes this book awesome—it’s Kirby! She's super authentic with her high-school angst, but also extremely mature, while being very vulnerable despite her belief that nobody can notice. Plus, she plays the drums. And can sing. And has a steady moral compass. In short(ish), it was a fantastic POV and I was enthralled with Kirby’s interpretation of the emotionally-dense situations.

I’ll admit that about a quarter of the way through, I didn’t know how the story would need another two hundred-odd pages to wrap everything up, but then the plot took an interesting twist. Not to a GONE GIRL degree (thank goodness, as my heart wouldn’t have been able to take it, haha) but the story I’d first interpreted as an orange slowly turned into a onion, and then the rest of WHERE WE BELONG examined the delicate layers of hurt that stem from making difficult decisions. 

As in life, nobody’s totally innocent (well, except for Kirby, obviously) but Ms. Giffin created flawed characters who, in the end, you don’t feel quite as comfortable judging by the time you turn the last page. And that kind of subtle redirection is exactly the reason that I’m a Giffin-fan. Or, Giffin-ite, if you will (I just made that up, that group doesn’t actually exist…but it should!).

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

And thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting!

The Nail Files: Pastel Plaid

The Nail Files Link Up


What I used:

The Mani:

As the Pinterest tutorial was awesome, I'd recommend following the steps outlined in the pin. I did an extra coat of white, though, because I wanted a nice opaque line. I think that I could have used an even thinner brush for the white stripes too, as I would have liked to have seen more of the purple. Oh well...next time!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

And thanks to Tara and Vicki for hosting!