A Snow Day in June? (i'm an idiot)

Here's a recent conversation that happened between me and The Remix when we were listening to the radio and driving around town.

Me: Holy hell, tell me that they're not actually playing this Walk Off The Earth song. There should be a law against playing winter songs in June.

The Remix, with a confused look: Sorry, but what does winter have to do with this song?

Me, with an equally confused look: Um, only everything. This is basically a Christmas song and since it's almost summer now, they should be playing LFO or something instead. 

The Remix: Yeah, that still doesn't make any sense and I can't believe you just referenced LFO.

Me: First of all, it's your face that doesn't make any sense and second, that Abercrombie song is awesome and totally summer-y, and I will keep listening to it even though the company's CEO is an asshat.

The Remix: *hard stare*

Me: Okay, fine. Your face makes total sense but they legit need to stop playing this song because it makes me want to put on a sweater and drink hot chocolate. Seriously. Turn off the A/C cause I'm freezing.

The Remix: You've officially lost me. Why does this song make you want to wear a sweater?

Me: Because it's about a snow day, obviously. Don't you listen to the lyrics? Geez, babe. We only hear this song a bazillion times a day because the radio stations have been playing it on repeat since it first came out.

The Remix, laughing: Okay, you sing along so I can hear what you're talking about because I'm pretty sure that this song isn't about a snow day.

Me, confident with my stance: It is most certainly about a snow day. You just sit back and listen.

*waits for chorus* 

It's that kind of snow day and it's not in my head.
It's that kind of snow day and it's not in my head.
The fire's burning and I'm the one with the match-es. 
It's that kind of snow day and it's not in my head.

Oh yeah, oh yeah-ah, that kind of snow day. 

The Remix, laughing to the point that we almost swerved off the road: You better look up those lyrics before you hit up any karaoke, babe, because you're way off.

Me: Fine. That's exactly what I'm going to do but don't blame me when I find them and it turns out that you're totally wrong.

So, full of righteousness and determination, I googled the lyrics, which is when I found out that I was WAY WRONG, guys. Like, really, really, really wrong.

How wrong, you ask? Well, here are the actual lyrics:

That gun is loaded, but it's not in my hand.
That gun is loaded, but it's not in my hand.
The fire burns, I'm not the one with the match, man.
That gun is loaded, but it's not in my hand.

Oh yeah, oh yeah-ah, that gun is loaded.

Now, before you go thinking that I've been in a bathroom snorting pixie sticks, I invite you to listen to the song and tell me that you legitimately can't see how it happened. I mean, those chime-y bits in the beginning TOTALLY sound like Christmas, right? Or at least Christmas-like, anyway, and that just re-confirms the fact that this song is about kids playing outside during a snow day and not about some random gun. Seriously, take a listen before you judge (and then you can laugh at me). 

I've messed up lyrics before but this was a pretty epic fail and whenever I hear it now, I laugh my little pants off (which is better than the song making me feel cold, so there is that, haha).

What are some of the song lyrics that you've mis-heard? Have any of them been this far off? Please share so I know that I'm not alone in potentially needing a hearing enhancement operation. Haha!