Giving Away Some Mad Props

If you've been a follower for a while, you know that I can sometimes get a bit rant-y about companies that suck (don't we all?) but recently, I've had a string of really great experiences and it got me thinking about how I could be even rant-i-er about the awesome experiences (because positivity trumps negativity and I'm all about trumping, ha!). So, after a brainstorming session involving entirely too much a perfectly reasonable amount of wine, I came up with a new award/series to recognize awesomeness named: mad props from jennie shaw (because giving props is good, but giving mad props is better and a whole sack of mad props is pretty much the best, ha!) 

(yes, that's my hand, which you probably suspected anyway because of the fun chevron nail polish, haha!)

But guys! It turns out that I wasn't done thinking because then I had ANOTHER idea about how the whole thing could be even MORE awesome! 

Wanna hear it? Of course you do.

The whole thing could be more awesome if YOU were involved! That way, it wouldn't just be me giving away a few mad props, but LOTS of people giving away LOTS of mad props! And the more mad props, the better, right?

Mad props are just like snaps, only they don't make any noise and are contained in a virtual sack. Ha!

So if you have a company/restaurant/person/whatever that you'd like to give some mad props to, shoot me an email (found in the contact me tab), tell me your story, and we'll get to work sending them some! Yay!

I already have a list started, so you can expect the first post soon. And please keep the mad props series/award in mind the next time you have an awesome experience and, if you want, we can spread some positivity together! 

Woot! Woot!

(FYI: that was the positivity train whistling, haha!)


  1. Great idea. We hear so much bad stuff about companies all the time. It will be refreshing to hear some good stuff!

  2. I'm all for some positivity! :) Great idea!



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