Mad Props for Fresh

I have a confession, people: This is what I look like when it's time to eat healthy food.

Okay, so I may not make that face every time I eat a bowl of broccoli but I think we can all admit that most good-for-your-body food isn't the tastiest (probably because there's no butter, just sayin'). However, there's a restaurant chain in Toronto that proves how, with a little creativity, healthy food can be delicious (I know that this seems suspicious, but I swear I'm serious). Naturally, I'm referring to the one and only Fresh Restaurant (although technically there are three so it's more like Fresh restaurantS but that didn't sound as good, ha!).

When I lived in Toronto, I was around the corner from Fresh on Queen and went there all the time. Seriously. Their spring rolls, pre-made sandwiches, and various rice bowls were legit diet staples of mine. 

I added the starbursts because they accurately represent how I feel while eating Fresh's spring rolls. Also, the dipping sauce is the boooooomb. I can almost taste all of the yummy noodles smooshed into their giant crispy wrappers...mmmmm...

One of the reasons, in my opinion, that Fresh makes such great food is because they've managed to find the perfect combination of interesting seasoning and spices, which jam-packs each dish with amazing flavours without being so spicy that I have to stuff three pieces of cornbread in my mouth just to make the burning stop. Not that I would really mind having to eat three pieces of Fresh's cornbread because it's awesome, but you know what I mean. Plus, if you eat-in, you get to sit in these neat little tables and the water they serve is already infused with lemons, which comes in a cool little carafe (I really appreciate little details like this).

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to Fresh because of this new Mad Props series, as I've never had anything but amazing experiences in their restaurants (to be fair, I've eaten at all three of the locations, so I know what I'm talking about) and after a few exchanges with an utterly delightful member of Fresh corporate, I was reminded, yet again, about how great they are. This is a company who truly cares not only about their customers, but the bigger picture as well and that, ladies and gentlemen is a rarity nowadays. So, for always having friendly wait-staff, excellent food, and generally awesome customer service, I hereby award Fresh Restaurant(s) with a big bag of Mad Props.

If you're ever in the Toronto area and find yourself with a hankering for delicious, healthy, vegetarian and vegan food, then head on over to any three of their convenient locations to fill your belly. There's a Fresh on Bloor, a Fresh on Spadina, and a Fresh on Crawford, so if you're pretty much anywhere in the downtown core, you aren't too far from one. And, err, while you're there, order a set of spring rolls for me, will ya? Ha!

Bon app├ętite!


  1. I love spring rolllllllls!!! I do enjoy healthy food in general but I have to say that lately I've been doing a lot more experimenting with herbs to flavor my healthy food, and it's made a wonderful difference! Basil, cilantro, parsley, mint.... mmmm they make everything taste incredible!!!


  2. I lived close to the Annex so I went to Fresh on Bloor and loved it. Thinking back, I did not go often enough! I would always start with the sweet potato fries with miso gravy. So fricken good! Next time I'm in T.O. I will have to stop in for some spring rolls.

  3. They are opening one at yonge & eg as well. The sign said summer 2013 but I haven't walked by recently to see if its open. I looked at their menu once a couple of months ago when exploring dinner options with a friend and wasn't thrilled. I think bc, as much as I like to be healthy, I'd like some meat pls. I might give it a whirl sometime if they open this one soon.

  4. I've eaten at Fresh once or twice with my mom a few years ago and we both really enjoyed it. Especially the cornbread with hummus. I used to be close to the one on bloor and now I'm close to the Spadina one, so there's really no good reason I haven't been back! They make a good smoothie, too.


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