My iPhone is Broken! (No Wait, I'm Just an Idiot)

Yesterday, I went on a bit of a cleaning spree. And by that, I mean that I organized like a madwoman while being ruthless with getting rid of things as I feared we were getting a tad too close to hoarder status. To keep up my motivation, I was blasting Ellie Goulding's new single Burn, on repeat, from my iPhone (on a speaker). Seriously, I must have listened to it about twenty times as I have a tendency to play a new song over and over and over again, which The Remix loves (not really). 

The dogs were outside, doing whatever it is that they do (lay in the sun, eat grass, chase the crazy red squirrels) and I went out to take a break and chill with them for a bit. We were taking in the beautiful afternoon when the two Schnauzers who live behind us came over (yes, both of them. Click here to read about the presumed dead Schnauzer). Immediately, they started playing and it was so adorable that I ran inside to get my phone. 

I got back outside and opened Instagram to take a video of the cuteness when I noticed that the ap wasn't open. I pressed the home button (which is an awesome moustache sticker) to restart, as Instagram can be finicky sometimes. 

The ap reopened, but there was still nothing but a black screen.

The only other thing I could do was delete the Instagram ap and then reinstall it, so that's what I did. But, when the "new" ap was installed, the exact same problem of a black screen was still happening.

Naturally, this is about when I lost my mind because if it wasn't the ap, then all that was left was the iPhone itself. Nervously, I opened the basic camera ap and my heart sank when I saw the same black screen.

How I feel about getting called for Jury Duty the same day / time that the countdown on britneyspears.com ends like ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

My forehead immediately started to sweat as my mind played out a scene where I would be iPhone-less because it's a fairly new phone and my service contract still has a lot of time left. I don't have Apple Care for it (don't even get me started as there's a story there) which meant that I'd have to pay for support but I figured if my camera was broken then maybe other things were broken. Heck, maybe it was on its way to becoming MORE broken!

I had my credit card ready to call Apple, when I noticed that I was running out of battery and when I went to plug it in, I discovered the problem.

My iPhone case was upside down!

This was the problem:

All I can say is THANK GAWD I didn't call Apple because THAT, ladies and gentlemen, would have been a seriously embarrassing situation.

So take heed, dear readers: if you find that you suddenly have a black screen, you should probably check to make sure that your iPhone case is on the right way before calling for reinforcements.

Ps. Just how many calls do you think Apple gets for situations like this? Haha!! There's no way I'm alone here, right?

*smiles hopefully*


  1. Hahahahaha I'm sorry this happeneded. But this is too funny! I haven't done that yet. But I've only recently gotten my first Iphone, so it's bound to happen eventually.

  2. Hahah oh man, yes it's such a good thing you figured that out before you called Apple hahaha! Thank goodness it wasn't broken!


  3. Oh my goodness I'm over here cracking UP!!! I was startin' to sweat FOR you but MAN that's hilarious! Glad you figured it out though.

  4. hahaha!! This is definitely something I would do.

  5. LOL!! That's pretty awesome, and probably something I would do too :)

    And I'm sure Apple gets calls like that all. the. time.

  6. haha Jennie...so silly! Come pimp my iPhone will ya? I love yours! Love all the clips from the Bravo shows! :)

  7. HILARIOUS!!! I did something similar where I was trying to make more things private so my 4yo wouldn't buy stuff or share pictures. Well I ended up making my camera and a bunch of other things *disappear*. I always text my friend that works for Apple and she always makes me feel like a big dummy once we figure it out...LMAO! And the pictures are too funny!!!

  8. HAHAHA that is too funny. Although, similar situations have happened to me. I'm glad you figured it out before you dished any money calling Apple

  9. I straight up laughed out loud. I would totally do that sort of thing!

  10. I know the whole black screen experience caused a lot of stress for you but I couldn't help but laugh once you figured out why. Haha! Jokes aside, I understand the panic and heartbreak at the thought of your iPhone being broken. It's not exactly cheap to get a phone fixed or to buy a new one, so taking care of it is a big must. - Mary @ Telco World

  11. I could just imagine how you must’ve felt; getting an iPhone fixed can be expensive. As funny it might seem now, I couldn’t bring myself to laugh because I’ve had similar episodes. BTW, your iPhone accessories are super cute! I am sure you’ve made a lot of your readers smile through this post, Jennie! Keep it up!

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service


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