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I love chevron manicures. I pin them all the time and watch tutorials but whenever I try to do the pattern by hand, it never turns out. Ever. The lines end up with all different thicknesses and the triangle peaks are never pointed, no matter how much wine I drink many times I try. I've looked on etsy for chevron striping tape as well but have only been able to find pre-cut ones and because my nail beds are so big, they're all too small!!


I'd basically given up on my chevron dreams when I stumbled upon Inspired Nails and, much to my surprise, they had non-cut chevron striping tape!

So, naturally, I bought a sheet and then waited by the mailboxes every day to the point that my delivery person was totally creeped out patiently for them to arrive. Finally, after what felt like three eternities (I think it was actually a week), they did!

And here's what I did with them!

EeeEEeeeeEEE!!! They're perfect!

To start, I did two coats of paper mache and let it dry completely. Then, I applied the striping tape, pressing firmly and into the side-corner of my nail (is there a real name for that? It can't be side-corner. Haha). Then, I did two quick coats of creative fantasy and turned up turquoise, counted 30 Mississippi's, and peeled them off. 

The verdict: I LOVE CHEVRON STRIPING TAPE! Yes, it may be considered cheating by some but unless those nail experts are willing to come to my house and give me a mani, the tape is the only way I'll be rocking chevrons. Haha! So if you're into the chevron look and aren't naturally talented at free-handing crisp edges, then I can't recommend them enough. This mani was SUPER easy and it's perfect! Yay for easy and fun designs! (And just for the record, Inspired Nails has no idea I wrote this post, nor did they supply me with anything, although if they were to in the future, I'd totally be into it *side-eyes Inspired Nails* Haha!).

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  1. I'm super obsessed with these! Especially with the white and vibrant turquoise and purple. Great color picks! These turned out great!

  2. Very nice! I love the purple and turquoise together!

  3. I love all things chevron and these turned out perfect! Love them!!

  4. Hah! Great post Jennie hahah! I too am useless at nice, crisp lines so these interest me quite a bit! Thanks for sharing - it looks really fabulous!


  5. Oh, these are beautiful!!! Turned out so so well!

    I don't blame you for having a hard time free-hadd - after all, the nail experts are usually doing it on someone else & have both hands to use :P

  6. I need these.
    You knowwwww how much of a chevron addict I am!!! Ahhhhh!

  7. Prettiest mani ever!! You are so creative. I need you to come do my nails, please. Or I really need to start stepping up my game. I don't do well with this kind of pressure. ;)

  8. I love how perfect these turned out! Easy, you say? I wonder if I could do it...

  9. gah,i LOVE chevron!!!

    seems like too much work for me though lol.

    happy weekend!

  10. I'm sorry, but ain't no body got time to free hand chevrons to the amount that they need to be done! Stick with the striping! I love it, and they turned out awesome!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS - these are so awesome! I must find some!

  12. oh love it Jennie!! I am terrible at anything free hand, so I def need to try these! I love the colors you chose. :)
    I know you're waiting to see my mani, but you'll just have to be patient till the morning when I post. I've been a little slow with the editing and such. Hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo

  13. I absolutely love the idea of premade chevrons. Trying to cut the pieces of tape the same size can be a pain in the arse! Great color combo as well

  14. That is not cheating and I'm planning to buy some too! I was on etsy looking at some but I like the ones you have much better. And I just bought this new holo Club Color polish and I'll be stalking my damng mailman too! ;)

  15. Hello!

    Thanks for hosting the link up and I love your nails. The colors are pretty too! I really like the chevron. Have a good night:)

    Lillies & Silk

  16. Such a pretty mani!! I suck at nail art and chevrons and stripes and anything else that requires a steady hand unfortunately. That's awesome that neither colour bled either! (Always my problem, even when I just try a french manicure).

  17. Chevron tape is going on the list right along with striping tape, which I still have yet to get :/

  18. Holy cats I didn't even know such a thing existed!!! I tried laying painter's tape over, and when I removed it, half my nail polish came with. I cried, and then drank, and then gave up painting designs on. But now...NOW I shall try again. With striping tape.
    Thank you!!


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