The Nail Files: Practice Makes Perfect (dammit)

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If you've made the rounds at The Nail Files before, you know about Bailey and her freakishly amazing ability to get symmetrical dots (not that I'm jealous...okay, I'm totally jealous). I asked her what her secret was (it was practicing, which wasn't quite as magical an answer as I was expecting, haha) and after spending some time dotting a piece of paper, I decided that I was ready to give it a go. And you know what?


Me listening to ‘Work Bitch’

Here's what I used:

And here's what I did!

Not only was I able to do symmetrical dots, but I did TWO DIFFERENT SIZES of symmetrical dots and all because I took my sweet time and did a whole bunch of practice dots right before.

 So although it takes way longer, practicing really did make them perfect (damn there being no easy way, am I right? Haha!).

Link up and show off your pretty colour choices for the week! I need some fall inspiration!


  1. Wow, those look perfect and I love the design! Simple yet makes an impact:-)

  2. Love it Jennie! Perfect dots!! I have a really good pin that I use to help me with dots. I mean a pin from pinterest, not a pin to dot with...
    Happy Friday! xoxo

  3. I really love this! And the colors are so sweet together. I need to practice the dang dot method, too!

  4. Well damn! I too was hoping for something magical to happen. If only practicing were magical...Love your nails though!! They look great :)

  5. Whoohooo for practice rounds! Your dots look AWESOME! Thanks for zee shoutout - coincidentally you had one in my blog this morning too hehe!


  6. Very nice, like the colors and you did great on the dots!

  7. I like those colors together. I need to practice doing dots. Do you know where to get a dotting tool?

  8. I love the dots! And that's usually the answer for everything, unfortunately. haha Worth it though! :)

  9. These are PERFECT dots! Dot nails are my favorite kind of nails to do when I don't know what to do. I just wish they come out as neatly as yours.

  10. They look fantastic! How did your dominant hand come out? That's always the tricky part for me- if I manage to get 5 nails done correctly on my left hand (using my right), then my right hand (using my left) will look like a freak show. :/

  11. It sure is!! So it's already colored striping tape? So you just apply it? That's neat!

    Me too! A grey creme.. hmm..I just bought a really pretty one from my local drugstore it's by NYC color.. My all-time favorite grey is Sephora by OPI under my trenchcoat! I also like L'oreal's eiffel for you- it has a hint of lavender in the grey though.

  12. So Cute... the colors look amazing!

  13. Ok, your nails are too cute!! The colors and design are too cute as well :) Thanks for hosting the link up and enjoy your evening :)

    Lillies & Silk

  14. They look PERFECT! Way jelly over here over your mad skills! Have a great week! :)


  15. Those dots are looking perfect and you had me laughing with your gifs! Keep it up Jennie :)

  16. ::off to practice::

    They look so pretty!! Thanks for hosting :))


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