We Really Had No Other Choice

About a month ago, something HORRIFIC happened. The kind of horror that makes you want to peel off your own skin and flail your fleshless limbs across the front lawn while screaming at the top of your lungs. Ugh. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies...


The Remix and I were getting ready for a weekend morning hot tub, loving life because we have a hot tub in the first place, when he casually grabbed his robe from the hook on the back of the bathroom door (side note: his robe is directly next to both my robe and my towel). And then, just as he was about to put it on like he'd done a thousand times before, THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN FELL OUT OF THE SLEEVE.

It scurried from sight before I could find a brick to smash it with, but in the confusion (read: my hysterical screaming and pointing) it disappeared! We looked under the vanity, along all the baseboards, even in the shower but it was nowhere to be found. 

So, naturally, there was only one thing we could do:

That's right. We're selling our house.

I know this seems like it's coming out of nowhere, and that I may be joking, but rest assured that we are, in fact, moving. And not just down the road. Oh no, that'd be far too easy. Haha! The big news, ladies and gents, is that Team Happypants is moving back to Toronto.

I'll just file my nails for a sec to give you a moment to let that sink in...

Madonna File Her Nails

Are you good? Awesome. Let's keep going. Haha!

Truth be told, the dinosauric arachnid isn't the only reason we're moving, but the fact that a giant spider is lurking somewhere in the house totally contributed to the decision (not really). We LOVE living in New Brunswick but the work situation is awful (as in, there's hardly any work at all) and after a few phone calls, The Remix was able to get his old job back. So, for the second time, we're doing a cross-provincial move (quick geography lesson: Toronto is a 14-hour drive from Fredericton). Because we've done it before, it's not nearly as scary but the WORST part of this story is that The Remix left on Thursday so he can start work on Monday, which means that I'll pretty much be in solitary confinement until I'm able to move as well.

Married to Jonas: Season 2 starring Joe Jonas and me.

This unexpected Atom Bomb of Crazy is the reason why I've been a big of a blogging enigma lately because I've been running around in circles losing my shit getting the house ready to sell. We're in for a few months of "what the hell is going on"-ness, but it's nothing that we can't handle. With everything we've been through in the last seven years, we know how to get through stressful situations but I will admit that I'm a tad nervous about spending so much time apart. Hopefully, The Remix will be able to visit every two weeks, but still, Imma miss him so much!! 


However, it's all for the best (in the long run) so please forgive my continued blogger-flakiness for the next couple of months. That said, I will ALWAYS have a weekly post for The Nail Files but aside from that, I make no promises. Haha!!


  1. Best of luck with the move! I hope it happens sooner rather than later (ya know, with the snow and all). And I'm glad at least Toronto has the jobs.

  2. Good luck and if you are feeling down and bored with no one around we can Skype (well we can Skype either way actually!)

  3. Ooh, exciting! We've done 2 huge moves and they are scary and fun at the same time. I hope Toronto treats you well. Hopefully you'll have better doctors there too!

  4. I was so into that spider story! Haha! Wow. Well, all the best to you! Hope everything goes smoothly (& quickly!).

  5. Ooooh, wowza!! Big news! Well that's exciting - the move, not the spider. The spider part is giving me the shudders right now. You'll have to check out the spider story over on my blog sometime - it's similar, except your spider might be larger!

    Make sure that you and your man do lots of texting/Skyping when you're not together to stay connected. My boyfriend was living cross country from me for 2+ months when he was finding us a place to live in Portland, OR (while I was still back in MA), and we made the time pass faster by Skyping. It won't be that bad! :)

    Good luck with your house-hawking!


  6. I have a huge fear of having a big spider loose in my house. It's happened before and was some ginormous international species (I'm guessing) that flew out of a bouquet of flowers I bought at the grocery store. Not kidding, and I'm scarred when it comes to grocery store bouquets now. Fortunately, I killed it before it killed me.

    Wishing you luck and sanity in your move!

  7. Are you sleeping with one eye open? Yuck. I am the appointed spider killer in the house. My husband hates them, and my daughter is scared to death of them. Oddly enough, she loves bugs and things with beady eyes and scooty feet, is afraid of nothing, except spiders.
    I hope the house sells fast and you and Mr. WSTFD will be together soon! xo

  8. Wow. Yikes. Oh my. That was a lot of news for one post, but I'll keep my fingers crossed everything works out and is super easy for you!

  9. OOOO, exciting!! I hope you don't have to be in solitary for too long, especially with the spider that got away =/

  10. I was going to say the only appropriate response to said spider is to BURN DOWN the house but I *guess* moving is acceptable. Congrats on the decision- we did a move that was about 16 hours, 17 hours away I think? IT SUCKS. As you know. BUT it'll be worth it. And now more chance I get to visit with you sometime if we ever venture a trip to the great white north!


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