Handing Out Some Thanks

Arguably, this post could be considered a day late but since today is called Thanksgiving Monday, I’m taking it. Haha!

I often write posts about things I find funny, but today I thought I’d get a bit mushier. Or, as mushy as I get, anyway. Despite having some crappy stuff happen over the last few years, I still have lots to be thankful for. So, I made a little list for all of the internet to see (or just my followers, whatevs. Ha!).

Things I’m Thankful For:

The Remix, who is far away geographically-speaking but ever present in my heart (and in our house with the pile of dirty laundry he left on the floor from the last time he visited. Okay, so I’m not-so-grateful for that ;) ).

See, even when I'm driving him crazy by forcing him to inspect EVERY POSSIBLE CHRISTMAS TREE CHOICE a seller has to offer, he's still smiling (and what a smile it is). 

Family and friends, who have supported me throughout the crappy stuff, as well as general life stuff. I am seriously thankful for all of you, especially the ones who make me laugh so hard I feel like I may die (which is just about everyone because that’s how I roll, ha!).

Ain't no party like a moustache party, cause a moustache party don't stop.

My brother, representing the Lollipop Kids after inhaling helium and my Mum, being creepy while wearing our creepy handlebar sunglasses. Just a typical Christmas...

Yup. Pretty much all my peeps like to dress up and pose for vintage-vogue-esque pictures. We're all kinds of awesome.

A proper combination of medication that prevents me from actually dying.

I'm not a fan of Medrol, but sure am glad it's around.

Doctors and nurses who truly care about not only my physical health, but my emotional and mental health as well.

I'm literally doing what the elevator wrap is telling me to. Haha! And yes, my main doctor is the guy with the biggest head (picture-wise, only. He's actually quite modest).

Pickle and Pepi, my two most favourite fur babies, who keep me sane because singing songs to dogs is way less crazy than singing songs to myself. The same also applies for telling knock-knock jokes.

Pepi's on the left and Pickle's on the right.

Twinings Earl Grey Tea, because it really is the best of all the Earl Greys out there and when I tried to switch to a less expensive brand it basically ruined my life.

Soft Pretzels, for getting me through the toughest of writing blocks with their delicious buttery and salty goodness.

Just looking at this picture sends me into a Homer Simpson tailspin. *wipes drool*

Microsoft Spell Check, because I’m a great writer but a not-so-great speller.

My Sweet CPs, who not only encourage me to write, but make my own writing better. Also, they’re hilarious and really smart and it makes me feel awesome that either one of them even wants to work with me in the first place.

Blue hair dye, as it’s as close to being Rainbow Bright that I’m going to get (unless some Sprites want to come and hang out—YOU ARE WELCOME ANY TIME, SPRITES).

Nail polish, because…nail polish.

Special Thanksgiving thanks to The Remix for making me this wicked rack!

And last, but certainly not least—my blogger pals! Since starting, three years ago, I can’t believe the amazing people I’ve met from all over the world! Knowing that I’m not alone, and having a way to really connect to others (some who seem to know me better than people in my “real life”) has truly changed my life for the better.

All right, I think I've done enough of this feeling stuff....It's turkey (leftovers) time!


  1. This is such a sweet post! I love seeing some pictures of the Remix, your family, and friends. I knew you were fun and cool, but it looks like you're surrounded by awesome peeps as well.

    ALSO I clearly hang out (online) with too many Canadians, because I definitely didn't see this many people talking about Thanksgiving in October ever before.

    Also it's not that I'm a no-reply blogger per se, but I'm linked to Google+, and Blogger no longer has its shit together. You can just tweet at me. ;)

  2. That pretzel looks delicious. Sounds like a lot to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a wonderful post and I would love to be able to pose in an awesome theme picture with you one day!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!! I am really jealous of your turkey eating... I hope you had the most wonderful day. I love when Monica puts the turkey on her head! All Friends Thanksgiving episodes are the best!!

  5. Jennie - Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being such an awesome, talented, funny, understanding blogger friend. I would love to meet you someday, and of course your Hubs and the pups too! Love ya girl! xo A

  6. A lovely post Jennie! I want that pretzel... right now. Nom!!! I love your vintage photo shoot life.

    aka Bailey


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