happy halloweenie!


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I love Halloween, guys. Like, a LOT. And this past Saturday was the annual Pretty In Pink party at The Market. Translation: This super cool 80s cover band takes over the building normally used for the farmer's market for a freaking awesome Halloween dance party.

Detached leather sleeves with laces from hands to neck? Nicely done, lead singer.

This is the crew that we got together this year:
Luigi's fist-pump gets a special shout-out, as well as his moustache. And how cute is the little puppy, Gus?

Close-up of my costume:
Usually. I make my costume, but this year, with the move and all, I caved and bought one. Since the majority of women's costumes are slutty-{insert any costume you can think of}, it didn't take long for me to get frustrated but then I found this giant gorilla hand and the rest is history. It came with an awful pink polyester dress, so I found this leopard print one, and made new straps from the same material so they blended right in. Needless to say, I loved it!

Most people at the Market party have either home-made or incredibly unique pre-made costumes and here are just a few of the cooler ones from this year:

But this one...THIS one was the best:
He was a squirrel and his inflatable tail was taller than him. He also carried around that nut all night. L-O-V-E. (And my pal looks pretty cool, too, of course. Ha!)

Nothing says photo-op like a row of port-a-potties, amiright?

And, it's hard to believe that we've been doing this for five years already (although I missed last year). My pal made this cool collage, with one pic from every year. 

Man, am I going to miss all these gals!! This night is always one of my favourites of the year, and I'm so happy that I've been able to have so many great memories of Halloween on the East Side. 

Happy trick or treating!


  1. OMG I love your costume!!! That is AWESOME!! You are fabulous.

  2. I'm still floored that you found a gorilla hand. I have never ever seen that costume. And the dress is amazing! I hope you get to wear it around regularly. :D


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