Ooooo! Shiny!

As you can see, after a couple months of hard work (by the fabulous Nikki from Delightful Designs), I have a brand-spanking new blog design! Yay!!

How freaking amazing is my custom header?!? 

Answer: VERY!!!


Not only that, but I've decided to crank it up to 11 and change my blog name as well. Well shut the front door! has served me well, but it's kind of hard for people to remember and...well...using my name is just plain easier. 

If you're a follower already, nothing will change, as anyone who comes to wellshutthefrontdoor.blogspot.com will be automatically redirected to the shiny new domain address at www.jennieshaw.ca (which has already happened, just look up! Ha!).

So please bear with me for the next few days as I play around with the final touches and edits! And, of course, by "I," I probably mean, "Nikki." Haha!